Invest XE Review

Read our Invest XE review carefully to see why we do NOT recommend this broker for trading. Just to clear doubts, this is an review.

Who are they?

After taking a look at their website, it shows that they do not fall under any regulating agency. That is a MAJOR RED FLAG!! That should be enough for you NOT to invest with them. And they also work with websites that offer “Automated trading software” which is another red flag, as this kind of websites are notoriously famous for scamming schemes.

So Invest XE is just another unregulated forex broker, which means the customers are not protected, and there is highly likely they will get away with your hard earned money and there will be no regulating agency to hold them responsible.

How does it work?

Usually unregulated forex brokers work in the following way. They will call people to persuade them to make the initial minimum deposit, while trying any conceivable method in order to make that happen. They will offer deals that sound too good to be true, like we will double your initial deposit or you will make $100 per day easily. Please don’t fall for anything they say!!! It is a SCAM! After making the initial deposit, people get transferred to a smarter scammer, called a “retention agent”, who will try to get more money out of you.

Withdrawing funds

You should submit a withdrawal request ASAP, because your funds are never safe with an unregulated broker. And here is when things get tricky.

If you want to withdraw your money and it does not matter if you have profits or not, they will delay the withdrawing process for months. If they delay it for six months, you won’t be able to file a chargeback anymore and your money is gone for good. It does not matter how often you remind them or insist in withdrawing your money, you will NOT get them back. And if you signed the Managed Account Agreement or MAA, which is basically authorizing them to do anything they want on your account, they will lose all your funds so there won’t be anything to request anymore.

How to get your money back?

If you already deposited your money with them and they refuse to give your money back, which is very likely to happen, don’t worry, it might be a way or two to get your money back.
First of all you need to keep the emails as a proof that you have been requesting the money back from them but they don’t give it to you, or they delay the process for too long, with the intention of not refunding your money.

The first thing you should do is perform a chargeback! And you should do this right away! Contact your bank or credit card provider and explain how you were deceived into depositing for a trading company that is not regulated and they refuse to give your money back. This is the simplest way of getting your money back and is also the way that hurts them the most. Because if there are many chargebacks performed, it will destroy their relation with the payment service providers. If you haven’t done this before or you are not sure where to start or how to present your case to your bank or credit card company, we can assist you in preparing your chargeback case. Just contact us at [email protected] but do not let your broker know they you read this article or that you are in contact with us.

What about wires?

If you sent them a wire, there is no way to perform a chargeback on a wire. For this step you need to raise the fight to a different level. Tell them that you will go to the authorities and file a complaint against them. That will get them to rethink the refund possibility. Another thing you can do is prepare a letter or email for the regulating agencies. Depending on the country where you live, you can search on google to find the regulating agency for Forex brokers in that country. After that you can prepare a letter or an email describing how you got deceived from them. Make sure you show this letter or email to them, and tell them you will send it to the regulating agency if they don’t refund your money. If you do not know where to start, reach for us at [email protected] and we will help you with this step as well.

Make sure you leave reviews about Invest XE in other sites

Another way to hurt them and save other people from falling victims is to leave bad reviews on other sites, and describe shortly what happened. If you fallen victim please leave a review and a comment on this site at the comment section. Also, when these people change their website they tend to call the old clients, so if they call you from a new website please write it down on the comment or let us know it by contacting us. That would be really appreciated by us and families all over world. Also if you get phone calls from other companies please put the name of these companies also in the comment or send it to us. We will expose them too.

Invest XE Review Conclusions

Making the Invest XE review is actually a pleasure for us, and we hope to save as many people as possible from losing their hard earned money. A good rule of thumb is to carefully review all the Forex companies and any other company for that matter, before you perform any transaction. We hope that our Invest XE review has been helpful to you. If you have any questions or you need an advice about the withdrawing process, feel free to contact us at [email protected].
If you like to trade please do it with a trustworthy, regulated broker, by choosing one of the brokers listed below.



  1. I fall a victim they are scammers exactly what you said it went like that.i will contact you shortly to discuss the issue. INVESTXE.COM and TRADE360.COM are all scammers

  2. been scammed by Investxe I had to pay 250 pounds to a bitcoin agency and thy gave it to Investxe. They keep asking me for a copy of my passport and there had scam me the manger was call me to put more invest in but luckily the bank stop the big transfer thank god don’t go near this company

  3. InvestXE is horrible to deal with. I have tried for over 15hrs to have my account closed and the “account manager” if you can call him that has not done a thing. As soon as I asked for my money to be withdrawn he turned on me, becoming very aggressive and argumentative. He insisted that I sign an Autotrader email in order for me to get my money and now my account balance has been a halved due to some questionable trades made by investxe. The initial start up was great until I was pressured multiple time to add additional funds. When I refused and requested my money be withdrawn the communication has been nearly non existent.

  4. Don’t trust this company, I was told just invest 200 pound. then all good and well they did 2 fast trades then nothing. They told me it is auto trading and u wont see much as your invest is so low. I put more money on and what? 2 small trades done and they call me. Then nothing so I asked to withdraw my money. No somebody else called me and said he will prove to me and nothing so I got a call they want another 1000 pound as they think the market will fall. I said I don’t have, and the guy said okay and as soon as he put down I have 2 massive negatives that took like halve of what I deposited. PLEASE don’t make the mistake I made it is a huge scam company

  5. Do not deal with investxe. It is a scam. Luka was very nice and helpful to encourage me to buy bitcoin. As soon as they thought they had my £5000 they started trying to get me to put more money in. Fortunately my bank stopped the transfer.

  6. Investxe are a total scam.i invested £250,then I got a call asking me to invest £5000.he said he would trade on my behalf and we would split the profit 50/50.i told him to run and jump.then I tried to withdraw my initial deposit but it has mysteriously disappeared. After numerous attempts to get it back,I have decided to go to my bank and discuss it with them.KEEP WELL AWAY FROM INVEZTXE!!!

  7. I invested with invested and found them arrogant and rude. They are scammers as they have taken my money and invested it taking the deposit and profits as they have disappeared from my account. Do not use or trust them. Hope they all die horribly.

  8. A charge back won’t work because they get you to purchase the coins through a coin agency who are legitimate then they give you the wallet address to transfer the coin to once you’ve done that you can say goodbye to your money because you’ll never get it back.

  9. Invest XE are a huge scam. The manager of my account lost $4000 in 1 day on a $10,000 account. I advised him not to open anymore trades on my account and he continued doing so. Turning the $4000 in $1500 in a matter on minutes. They are a huge scam and ignore all the withdraw requests that are given. They do not want you to withdraw!


  10. I too am having issues trying to get my money back. i had made a “profit” $6,588.47 and had only asked to withdraw my initial investment and leave the profit in the account to grow. The next day all these trades had been opened and not to my knowledge. Now i’m an in a negative balance and they are asking for me to deposit more money

  11. Steer well clear, you’ve probably lost your money now and any profits.
    They are an unregulated outfit with no morals whatsoever.
    You can’t even report them because they’re answerable to nobody.

  12. PLEASE PLEASE do not touch this company with a barge pole. Absolute scam! They will make it appear their platform is genuine believing you are profiting when they themselves are profiting themselves. That’s the act. The moment you ask to withdraw while you are up, they suddenly orchestrate a situation with multiple trades and your balance suddenly halves and becomes risk. You then get a call from another scammer from the Risk Department telling you to invest more as the only way to fix the problem or else. Ludicrous isn’t it…

    Nearly 4K of my hard earned money to these crooks has been lost which I’ll probably now have to recover through my bank upon appeal. I’m hopeful because of code they are signed up to for APP scams & fact transactions were bank transfers as opposed to wire or wallet etc…giving more of a chance so we’ll see. Fingers crossed

    If anyone here is familiar or has had dealings with the following people

    George H Bertrand or Jason
    [email protected]

    I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts are or anyone else. Though imagine these people are not real…

  13. I’ve also lost money with them only £100 so can live with that, they redirect to a coin exchange to purchase coin then give you a wallet address to send it to, (say goodbye to your money then), a charge back (have tried) won’t work as the coin exchange have done nothing wrong and you’ve no chance in tracing the payment as all transactions are anonymous, so in other words your fucked, they tried all that shit with me and I just told them to fuck right off, heard nothing since.

  14. Oh well & truly its gone I know…..but you can however ask the bank for re-imbursement which they can do. If there’s a failing on their part in the process they find, which there’s has been (without going into too much detail) so we’ll see. Also have the Ombudsman people who I can follow up with should the bank refuse. Who will ultimately decide

  15. They are an off shore unregulated by anyone company, i have correspondence from the bank initially saying “sorry but we can’t do anything as my transaction was with a coin exchange and not directly with InvestXe”, good luck.

  16. Put in £100 then got a call from a manager who wanted me to invest £1000`s, I put in another £400 the first few days it went up, then I went into hospital. when I came out it was showing -£634 I had a call this morning saying it was -£1600 and they wanted the money or I would receive a letter from lawyers. I told him that he would get no money and that I was going to the fraud squad, He got really angry so I hung up. Awaiting a reply.

  17. Wow that’s INSANE!! To manipulate you like that and then have the audacity to make threatening demands is ridiculous. They couldn’t anyway. Do you remember the person you were dealing with?

  18. They are a shower of shite, unregulated scammers, say goodbye to your cash with these cowboys, try that one with me wanting more cash told him to f**k right off.
    Fraud squad will do nothing as they are based out of the country (off shore unregulated). But good luck, there’s another called “Global Trading26” they are exactly the same, steer clear.
    Best with recognised companies like Coinbase, Etoro, Coinjar.

  19. Wouldn’t surprise at all if both “Global Trading26” & “Invest XE are intertwined….with the same mob screwing people over….Yeah will look at those amongst other UK regulated brokers going forward..

  20. Your probably right,
    I’ve gone with Coinjar and Etoro, Coinbase seems ok but fees can be a little high and having difficulties linking my UK bank account for some reason.

  21. What i am shocked about is who falls for this in the first place. They (invest-xe) called me out of the blue offering bitcoin services, so already initially skeptical. I kept him on the phone talking for 10 mins as I found it amusing. After that I hung up. I imagine alot of people who were scammed are the sort who believe in santa claus. Anyone who was scammed by these is quite simply a fool

  22. Nothing more than a rip off. When I said I wanted to close my account they dragged there heels. This is still ongoing. I was in profit until this point but as soon as I told them I wanted to clear my account. All my stake+profit disappeared immediately. Do not trust these people. A waste of oxygen and deserve nothing less. No shame or scruples. The live chat carried on until they got sick of me asking questions. Then they blocked me. If i new a way to take revenge on those people I most certainly would. If there’s any hackers out there who can air up this challenge. That would be great. 👍

  23. I see Luca is mentioned in one of these reports, Same bloke that ripped me off, tried to get me to invest privately with him £50,000 on a cert as well. So just lost a few grand with investxe, should have been warned when he told me he was a multi millionaire.

  24. Bunch of scammers, take your money then you can’t contact your account manager, which is the only way to withdraw your money, then you log on and find you’re in debt, was in £ 40,000 credit supposedly the night before. Robbing bastards hope they rot in hell, soon

  25. I only blame myself for not researching them in the first place, I only lost what I could afford and didn’t let them talk me into depositing more, but it fuckin annoys me big time.

  26. Noah. i how i wish i had read this information before .i am now another of their victim .please help me to recover my money. they are not responding to any of my communications i am so angry.

    my name is Noah Browne and EMAIL [email protected]

  27. They only closed my account after I threatened them with the ombudsman. I lost my money though. A painful death is too good for those scumbags. Imagine how many they have scammed and ruined a few lives in the process.

  28. Do you actually think they are giving you their real names??
    Their names are false just like the set up they’ve got, all that Bullshit about account managers its all an elaborate hoax, people don’t seem to realise they’re an offshore company not a regulated company that means they’re answerable to nobody and you can’t do jack shit if they decide to shift your cash, I researched them and are sure they may have an office in Cyprus if you fancy going there, my advice if it’s worth anything, forget it move on and learn from your experience or it’ll eat your heart out.

  29. Do not deal with these guys definitely scammers they lost 2thousand 6 hundred pounds of mine in one trade then asked for another 2 grand SCAMMERS

  30. I have been scammed by investxe £3250 that was a eye opening call my bank they did a charge back but they leave you with bitcoin platform you purchased your bitcoin I recovered all my money contact me and I will guide you step by how I did mine to help you recover your am not charging you nothing it will cost you nothing you are doing this yourself email [email protected]

  31. The chargeback won’t work, Investxe direct you to a coin exchange where you purchase coins legitimately then get you to send them to their wallet address, that’s where you say goodbye to your money, the coin exchange have done nothing wrong so therefore your chargeback won’t happen, I’ve tried it.

  32. RBS they told me that because I had bought the crypto from a coin exchange and transferred it to a wallet, ultimately the coin exchange had done nothing wrong in their transaction.

  33. hmm I start invest with them 100£ 2days ago .I am dealing with guy name Ruben. He didn’t ask me to invest a lot on beginning just little to see how its going. what I should do stay with him or try find another financial advisor? from all comments doesn’t look this site.

  34. Don’t give any more money no matter how convincing he sounds, they’ll try and talk you into investing more DON’T…
    Register with a proper company there’s plenty out there, if your investing in crypto currency you can do it yourself, you don’t need a broker to tell you to buy when low and sell when high it’s common sense or just buy and hold for long term Investment, but stay away from companies like Investxe and Global trading 26.

  35. Stay well clear. Also urge everyone on here effected to post your stories on Trustpilot to really hit em up. They’ll obviously try and put fake ones on there to counteract them but just continue…

  36. Trustpilot removed all my negative reviews . Google ‘Sky News Scam Barry Dudlestone’ Watch the video . Please put negative reviews on Trustpilot as this really hurts them . InvestXE are thieves .

  37. Same thing happened to me. Wonder why?? Doesn’t make sense does it

    The next step is Twitter or Instagram to publicly ask them why all negative reviews are being removed


  38. Hi all,

    I just registered and deposited £250 with them yesterday, I wish I had read all these comments before, how silly I was. Like Ray said in the above comments, my deposit was collected and turned into Bitcoin through Coinitix and then transferred to InvestXE. An account manager named Lucas called me and asked me to install Anydesk so he could access to my PC and helped guide me to use InvestXE trading platform. Everything was alright until I asked him to show me how to withdraw the money. He hesitated and asked me to log in to my online banking accounts to verify before the withdrawal process. I should have noticed something was wrong here but I thought maybe that was part of the withdrawal process he was trying to show me so I did and that was when I realised how stupid I was. I’m now very worried that he might have access to my banking details (it was very brief as I closed the windows straight away but he might have enough time to take photos of the screens on his end).
    Has anyone experienced similar situation and if so, how did you deal with it?

    Also, when depositing money through Coinitix, they asked me to provide photos of my driving license and a video of me holding my driving license and confirming that I deposit £250 to buy Bitcoin through their site. I doubt that Coinitix partners with InvestXE to scam people, if so then they might have all my personal info (name, dob, address, mobile number) and bank accounts details (I assumed), what should I do to protect myself from now on?

    I don’t hope to get my deposit back (as it looks like it’s impossible) but I’m really stressed thinking that they might use my personal details and banking info to commit crimes. I would really appreciate if anyone here could give me some advice on this. Thank you all!

  39. Hi, I had the same bloke Luka, he didn’t have an s on the end. He told me I had to go through him to withdraw, he let me withdraw £100 and the another £25 to show me how easy it was. Then talked me into investing thousands, when he found he couldn’t get any more cash out of me he became uncontactable and my account was suddenly in debt.
    When he rings again ask him to show you how money go’s back into your account, get what you can off him but don’t give any more. Keep all corospondence and inform your bank you may be able to get it back through them. Good luck

  40. Sorry to here this Mate but consider it lost. I tried for weeks to no avail to close my account and get my money back. I then said I had gone and got legal advice and also had gone to the ombudsman. They closed my account soon after but I lost all of my money. Exactly the same happened to me with the passport. Report it stolen and get a new one ASAP as they use the details to open new Bitcoin accounts in your name. If the passport is voided they cannot do this. Also, do a complete virus scan on your computer and change your passwords.
    These c…s are nothing but lowlife crooks.
    Sorry to be the barer of bad news but act fast to and do these things to protect yourself.

  41. Yes forget your £250 you may have got off lightly some have lost a lot more, put it down to experience mate.
    They may well have seen you bank account details but there’s plenty of safeguards in place by banks now to protect you like 2 step verification etc, it may be wise to contact your bank and explain to them what’s happened even though you look a mug it’s best to, they may recommend you change certain details like pin and passwords etc.
    I done the same with passport etc but not arsed if someone wants to open accounts in my name because I know it’s not me and so f**k em!!
    If your interested in crypto trading or shares try Etoro, a proper regulated company and cheap fees, Coinbase for Crypto and Coinjar is good to, I’ve an account with all 3 and can recommend, remember always do your research first and good luck.

  42. Thank you guys for your prompt responses, I really appreciate it. I cancelled the debit card that I gave the info to Coinitix and ordered a replacement but I don’t think that was enough so just emailed my bank today explaining the whole situation and asking for their advice, still waiting for their response. I checked the terms and conditions on both Coinitix & InvestXE sites, there is an option to ask for the erasure of our data on their systems. Has anyone tried this? I am planning on doing this but I don’t know whether they will actually erase our data as they are nobody and we won’t be able to do anything to them even if they ignore our requests. Thanks guys.

  43. Coinitix seem a legitimate company as they are just an exchange so therefore may delete your details but wouldn’t count on Investxe doing the same, they’ll never contact me again after our final conversation, it wasn’t polite..

  44. Coinitix are not very legal either . Invest XE did the anyoffice trick with me . They then accessed my bank account without my knowledge and stole money . I have also had death threats for putting bad reviews . Try for a charge back with the bank . This is Fraud on a big scale . Put reviews on TrustPilot because this hurts them the most . Also report them on the Police Fraud line .

  45. You have to look at Trustpilot really who are not helping the situation because they are allowing all the fake posts to stick and removing any negative posts that are genuine. How is that??? Its them who want reporting to the police

  46. Please leave reviews on trustpilot . This hurts them most . Also please google ” sky news scam barry dudleston ‘ and watch the video . This i think is InvestXE under a duplicate name . Post this on Trustpilot . This site is not too good . TrustPilot hurts them . InvestXe . George /JosephW are total scammers and have to be stopped . TrustPilot is the best way ,.

  47. Hi, I am very pleased to read all of your reviews! I too invested $250US some weeks ago. They are very nice when they want your money, but become aggressive when you question them. They show how little your initial investment makes and then put on the pressure to add much more. Even told to borrow money from the Bank. At this point I read your reviews, and welcomed the feedback! Thankyou!! Lynne

  48. InvestXE are robbing bastards and that is being polite . Whatever you invest you will not see . Please put reviews on TrustPilot as this hurts them most . Google ‘Sky News Scam Barry Dudlestone ‘. Watch the video . This is how they operate .

  49. Hi Andrew, I went to TrustPilot, but if you read their Policy, you will find that they don’t support damning reports, that’s why your negative reviews have been removed. Sorry mate, but they’re only there to help people, not to execute revenge.

  50. Hi Gloria but there are many damning reports on trustPilot . TrustPilot will post negative reviews but its just that I did too many . I am now convinced that TP do not help people . If they did InvestXE would be removed . InvestXE will be responsible for peoples deaths . Robbing Bastards is too polite .

  51. I have raised with Action Fraud but they have said they cannot help . I have a case number but to no avail . I have had death threats from George and JosephW at InvestXE . That is also on record . Negative reviews on Trust pilot hurts the most . BBC Rogue Traders may also be a way to hurt them . People will die because of these bastards . Bad publicity is the best way to stop them

  52. Your money has gone (so has mine) best plan is put it behind you and call it a day because your never going to get it back, it’ll eat away at you and end up ruining you life and mental health.
    Problem is none of us done our homework and checked this cowboy outfit out so therefore it’s our fault and we were foolish, like the old saying “a fool and his money are easily parted,” I’ve gone elsewhere because there are some really reputable companies out there.

  53. Fortunately I was able to recover all my losses through my bank under code for app scams. To my relief. There is hope

    It is though beyond belief how Action Fraud cannot take this matter up with TrustPilot to get them removed, as people everyday are falling victim. Which is not acceptable

  54. Bank is the best bet for a charge back . Barclays are handing my case . They successfully refunded Moses who can be seen on these reviews . If you used Visa to pay by Credit Card or Direct Debit then they will help and refund money obtained by fraud which is exactly Coinitix/InvestXE . Keep putting bad reviews on Trust Pilot as this really really hurts them . I would also suggest you DO NOT use one of the recovery companies mentioned on TrustPilot as these are likely to be similar scammers . They ask for money up front you will never see again .

  55. How can they keep getting away with this ?. Ripping off countless people. I hope they all die a horrible death. It’s what they so rightly deserve.

  56. Because people like me, you and many others don’t throughly check these companies out before we part with our money, just have to take it on the chin and move on I’m afraid.

  57. I lost my life savings and these dogs don’t give a damn. They are srealing daily please put this on any investment page. Please put this to news companies. We have lost money but we can save others and hopefully these scums will finally get arrested and hopefully they are killed mercilessly. I hope they suffer mental disorders and i hope they die with so much of pain. Actually i hope they live with some disease that makes them suffer on a daily basis.

  58. I invested $6,150.00 AUD Initially I signed up with Coinitix. All of a sudden InvestXE stepped in..
    I signed up for Bitcoin.. It reached $9,500.00 AUD back In February. I have now $550.00 USD..
    They would not let me withdraw any funds..
    They put preasure om me to Deposit more money.. I kept telling the agent over nad over again..
    They are nothing but, SCUM..Scammers..When I told him I signed up for Bitcoin..He said no I did not.
    They Lied to me..He was very rude..I asked for a refund back on the $550.00 USD.. He said It does not belong
    to me..Work that one Out..

  59. I am working with Barclays Fraud team to bring these bastards down . If you are a Barclays customer who has sent payments via Barclays please leave an email on this site so I can get in touch .I am in touch with Moses who is a Barclays customer and has been successful . If Barclays customers who have been scammed work together it makes a much stronger case .

  60. They are scammers . It is worth a try going through Visa if you paid by Visa Debit or Credit to get your money back . Look at their policy .They say they refund money spent on their cards for for fraud and scams .

  61. I have tried the bank/credit card chargeback route and it can’t be done, because you have bought digital currency through a perfectly legal exchange platform and the transferred it to a scam trading platform the legal platform have done nothing wrong unless some way connected to the scam outfit, that would have to be proven, Coinitix & Wondercoin are two of the exchanges they use.

  62. Hi again . It is a very grey area . To invest you have to go on the InvestXE website . You are investing with InvestXE but Coinitix is the mechanism . With all the chargebacks against Coinitix in relation to InvestXE Coinitix are complicit because they know InvestXE are fraudsters . In reality the bitcoin wallets do not reflect the transactions . Coinitix are not 100% legal and not properly regulated . InvestXE is the company you invest in via coinitix . If you use a visa Debit or Credit card you will be covered by the Visa Zero Liability cover . They state ‘we protect you from being out of pocket as a result of fraud or scams with our Zero Liability Policy .’ According to that statement if you use Visa Debit or Credit you are covered . Check it out . It is very clear

  63. Santander credit card and RBS Bank, both said it couldn’t take it any further as Coinitix and Wondercoin had acted on my instructions.

  64. Hi again . Can Kevin Review Jan21st and William Stirton Review Jan 22nd say which banks stopped the transfer . That could be very useful . With me InvestXE used the Anydesk app to access my computer and steal my debit card details . They then just helped themselves .

  65. It was Nationwide that stopped my transfer and any further transactions. They are still trying to phone me every couple of days. I just block every new number.

  66. This is what I received back from RBS.

    I refer to your enquiry regarding Wonder-Coins.

    All investigations are made through our membership of Visa and to for this reason we must follow strict lines of enquiry.

    I understand your comments, however, the retailer whom debited your account are a payment processing company and are only responsible for transferring the funds to a wallet. Therefore as the retailer have supplied the service by applying these funds to your wallet, we have no means to pursue your claim through Visa International’s rules and regulations.

    I respectfully suggest that you continue to pursue this matter directly with the retailer or seek independent legal advice if you are in any doubt as to your options.

  67. Like me you invested to trade with InvextXE through there website .They are a scam/fraudulent company and Wondercoins will be aware of this like Coinitix . Irrespective you should be covered by Visa zero liability . Would suggest you follow up RBS with a formal complaint and say you are taking the case to the Ombusman .

  68. Load of nonsense that rubbish. You have protection under voluntary code which the bank are signed up to which they have to follow through. File a complaint

  69. Everyone get a copy of todays daily mail . Basically it states we are all covered by fraud . It states contact your bank and point out its obligations under British Standards Institution code of practice PAS17271.2017.
    ‘Protecting Customers from Financial Harm as a result of fraud or financial abuse ‘. The specific section is :5.3 detection of fraud or financial abuse . Make no mistake it is all there .. Please acquire and read . Make a complaint to the bank and quote this reference . If it does not do the trick then go to the Ombudsman .
    BRILLIANT . Let me know your thoughts .

  70. I have been totally scammed and robbed to the tune of £13,300 by InvestXE, my “account mangers” were Pavel and then Daniel B Bernhard. Every avenue you take to contact them comes up with the same name and face for customer service, live chat, whatsapp. I tried ringing the phone number and you are always no 56 in the queue. I asked to withdraw my money after being talked into putting another £10,000 into the account from my Kraken account, I had made this on Dogecoin. As soon as I did this I new it was a mistake and tried to stop it but it had gone into the InvestXE account already. Amazing how quick they can clear a deposit rather than a withdrawal. Daniel said I had to make more trades as they had credited their own funds to my account, I had never asked for or used this credit.
    On Friday morning I found that the trades he had opened the day before were closed and my account was totally empty. I have used every contact scenario but to no avail and have no way of recovering my money as it went via Kraken as Bitcoin.
    I can’t tell you how devastated we are, and how completely stupid I feel for getting duped. I originally had even challenged them about reviews and scammers and got talked round! I never realised I could be so gullable.

  71. Hi Georgina they did exactly the same to me . They are very very good scammers . Please put a review on Trust pilot as this hurts them most . Do not know what Kraken is but if you used a Uk bank to deposit you will be covered .

  72. I am surprised by Visas response to Ray . Really do not see how they can say that . Presumably you applied on the InvestXE website .They are a scam company . Coinitix is not strictly legal either . Suggest you contact Moses in one of the above reviews .

  73. Just had a phone call from them wanting me to invest more money to recover the money I lost with them, got rather upset when I slagged off Luca my supposed account manager. I toid him they were a bunch of con artists and he replied that there is nothing anyone can do to get money back from them no matter how many thousands try.

  74. Scammed…..started with small value through coinitix and gradually bigger deposit using binnance……as the bitcoin price dropped they basically told me if i didnt put another £1000 in i’d lose all my investment….lost it all anyway the very next day.
    Has anyone actually had money back through a fraud claim via their bank /visa?

  75. hi Paul . How did you Invest . Via Coinitix through a UK Bank .which one ? People are getting money back .
    Put a review on TrustPilot . They are getting many bad and this really hurts them .

  76. I also got passed onto Justin as the higher standard account manager.
    He’s calling me tomorrow for more money!!!

  77. I am compiling a file on Ruben G Steiner which is going to be sent to Interpol and CIA. I want to know everything zi can about this company and its staff so if you have any further information please contact me at [email protected]

  78. Hi i was a former employee of investXE i would liek to help everyone to get their money Back.i was deceit aswell they offer good money..but after 2 weeks of taking call i found everything what they do…if you can remember the first Person who spoke with you about Bitcoin trading i was one of them but all i thought everything is Legit, Please Leave your emails so that i can conatct you or viber Number…They will change the name soon ..

  79. Yes my wife and I have been scammed by Investxe. We invested some money and have tried getting it back but they have suspended our account due to suspicious actions ie, us trying to withdraw the money.
    We have written to 60 minutes and A Current Affair but to no avail at this stage. Last contact we had was from Mario who promised us he would get our money back because he gets things done. They are just so full of shit and really need to be exposed on a global scale. These people are low life’s who deserve to get nothing in life and I hope Karma catches up with them in the long run. If you go onto Trust pilot to leave a review, have you all noticed how the good reviews call them Investex not Investxe. I implore you not to give one cent over to these SCAMMERS.

  80. Hi Martin . Halifax should do a charge back . Moses got his money back through Barclays chargeback . Nationwide have blocked transfers to InvestXe /Coinitix . Would suggest you speak to Nationwide about a charge back . If they say no then you go to the Ombudsman .See my previous blog . Halifax should have Red Flagged InvestXE . Do not give up .

  81. Errr…are you for real? Like people are gonna believe this dude is gonna recover money back haha.. Don’t be silly

    Just another scammer it is

  82. Yeah sure, he just needs your bank account details so he can transfer the funds over when he miraculously gets them back.
    The same clown has asked me a few times, I fucked him off and advise you to do the same.

  83. Spot this one off a mile away…hell no
    Funny cos they keep ringing me and telling me about a recovery scheme to get my money back & I laugh at em each time they come with a new story. Funny

    Just wonder where they get these people from? Or if trafficked from another country? The latter I’d say

  84. Wish I’d read these before I transferred £250 in bitcoin, should have realised when my card got declined!!
    Spent half an hour on the phone, and gave them access to my pc to show me around the platform.
    Now trying to withdraw the money but don’t hold out much hope

  85. Hi Richard . That is what happened to me . They used ‘Anydesk App to show me around . They then stole money from my account using this . You need to ring your bank and stop the card otherwise they will do the same to you . Which Bank are you . Barclays know about this .

  86. Hi I 100% believed that I have also been miss led ,tricked to handing over some of my money but I also got pushed into getting more than one loan under the so called account developer as he litterly assisted me to put more money into a trade position where the trade failed and told me he’s got my back don’t worry and then told to get another loan out which I cannot afford as was tricked and still have all the conversations and wire transfers but I don’t know how to recover the money that they helped put me further financially in debt and stress

  87. Russel i did lost same money but i manage to recover half of it. I used my debit card they asked to share my laptop via anydesk i report to the police team fraud and Barclays team fraud and They were really nice and carry on an investigation within 2 weeks got a message from coinitex saying my account was cancelled and Investxe Frozen my account due to the bank investigation. we have to report the more reports the team fraud get the less people will suffer. Contact the bank.

  88. Hi Maria . Did Barclays do a chargeback and refund your money . Moses got his money back from Barclays but I am stiff fighting as Barclays refused to refund me . please can you leave a message .

  89. Yes they did. Within two weeks of me reporting the InvestXE scam they did give me back 3 tousand pounds. I did call the fraude team explained all. I did report to the police fraude team as well.
    They were very sympathetic and understanding. You should try again.

  90. Hi Ines . Be very careful . Barclays refunded me my money via chargeback within a couple of weeks like you , and then 4 weeks later after investigation took the money back with £300 commission saying Coinitix were a legitimate company . My account manager at the Barclays fraud team was Jack Holland.What was the name of yours ?.Like you I reported to the police fraud team . They will do nothing as InvestXE operate outside the UK
    Like you I want to stop these people and am working with the Mail on Sunday . InvestXE did exactly the same to me as you using Anydesk . They then stole money without my knowledge . Did you use a Visa Debit Card because that has a zero liability policy protecting against fraud . (google it) You should get ALL your money back but do NOT trust Barclays .

  91. Ohhhh really? So I have to wait to see. Was a lady did mine name Charlie. And yes I did use my debit card.
    Just do not understand why the put the money in your account and then take it.
    Does not make sense.

  92. Hi Ines . You will need to check Barclays have completed the investigation . If so you will be OK . If the investigation is not complete there is a good chance they will do what they did to me . They gave me all my money back by chargeback and then took it all away with £300 commission . Have you had a LETTER saying the investigation is concluded. With me I had letter saying the investigation was concluded and ‘I was the victim of digital investment fraud’ but they refused to refund because Coinitix is a legitimate company . Why did they not refund ALL your money . ?

  93. Hi Ines , Barclays have known about InvestXE/Coinitix since January . When did you start trading ??. Did Barclays not warn you when you sent money they were scam because they knew? .

  94. They sent a letter saying they are still ongoing investigation, the refund is temporarily. They probably will take that back from me. The first money I did put in was in January 2021 but because I was trading and lost I did not claimed refund on that. But the last 3 tousand was at End of April invesxe told me was no trading was an investment with 0% risks. Barclays authorize the transaction without any Q’s gone through successfully. No warning.

  95. I am working with The Mail On Sunday against InvestXe and Barclays . I will talk to my contact about your case . I would suggest you write to disputed payments quoting my name Andrew France and and another Barclays contact Moudou Njie (Moses) and ask them why you were not warned about InvestXE/Coinitech. Barclays were aware of this in February and should have warned you . Because InvestXE is a scam I suggest you keep all records of your early transactions as well and if you used your visa debit there is a good chance you can get this back as well . If you wish leave an email address or a mob number and we can communicate direct .

  96. Trustpilot reviews
    My Reviews
    My Settings
    Alternate Text
    For businesses
    Your review counts!
    You reviewed Investxe
    3 reviews
    1 star: Bad
    Updated just now
    My final conclusion on Investxe Scam scam
    My final conclusion on Investxe scam, after my last report on investxe, George H. BERNARD called me and said I can only get my withdrawal approved if I trade and I need 20 Volume LOTS. This was not in their Terms and conditions. Either lost or with profit My Withdrawal will be approved.
    He talked me through how to open buy and sell same Trade of USDMEX and USDZAF. Which took 75% of my balance. He promised to called the next day. He didn’t, I noticed the system calculation was tampered with. I request for him to call me via the online customer service.
    He didn’t respond. Four days later, I noticed all my trade went red and few minutes later USDMEX was closed both sell and Buy. And my phone rang. He was trying to justify his action that he was attending to other clients but now nothing he can do. Few minutes later my other trade was closed.
    I made over 6 request for withdrawal, all was declined. Till the end.

    Never trade with Invetexe. He even get A mortgage advisor to get more loan on my property. That did not work with me either.
    As soon as you paid with Bitcoin into their wallet, which they will be trading with and you will just be playing with virtual trading, your money invested will never come back to you. It is a great scam.
    I will continue my campaign review on all Financial website warning everybody about InvestXe Scam. It may stop others of falling a victim.
    I my money is paid back, I will be the 1st to let you know which I dougth so much

  97. What a joke I put a genuine review about Investxe scammers on Trustpilot folllowing the advice on here from Andrew France after 2 days they have removed it flagging it as fake review.

  98. I started with Investxe. First I start with£250 but they always want more and more I done so many mistakes and they look like they are helping you but not. Never use them never use any other trading companies guys… I think we are all f…d in this world. Investxe and Fmarketx they are all scam… I want to do withdraw now and they are saying need to pay they are making to you very vulnerable and they are arrogant. Do not work with them at all. they are constantly bullying and wanting more money. when you want to make withdraw they start to saying I can not do it because need to pay %12.5vat + %3.5fee. they are making life is difficult. they are connect with Investxe trading…SCAMMM… Now they move into my account Fmarketx. if I am not paying them more money they start to say my account will be frozen and will be charge more. I can be online and see all that journey. is there any help out there to get the my money back. they have power now and I can loose all my money. they give to me deadline until Friday. it is joke. is there any help. Because what I have in my account they can do big lost and I will loose everything.

  99. Steve you will not get a penny back from InvestXe . Your only hope is a charge back from the bank . Did you pay by Visa ?

  100. I started with a small amount of $100.00 & when I was first contacted the so-called account manager tried to get me to invest more & he sounded very threatening also trades were put on without my consent & I lost $90.00 so In a way I’m lucky I saw these red flags, I’ve told them to close my account 6 times, yet I’m still getting up to 4 calls a day from their recovery department trying to get me to invest more money. The harassment is so bad I’ve switched my phone to silence unknown callers most of the calls come out of the U, K, but I get local Melbourne number starting with 03911.

  101. I agree with everything that has been said. I have been scammed sugesting I invest in Bicoin. His name was Ruben Stiener. He had £250 but wanted more saying I would get a better return, but as a pensioner I could not afford anything more, however, there has been nearly £500 taken again. I am in contact with Nationwide and trying to get my money back.

  102. Hi Diana, I’ve had the displeasure of dealing with Ruben Stiener his demeanour is very aggressive & Intimidating they are still calling me but I just don’t pick up hopefully they will get It through their thick heads that I no longer want to trade with them & the calls will stop.

  103. I had someone ring up promising to to get my money back for me, but wanted £300 up front to be able to release it, I told him where to go.

  104. I just got a letter back from my bank TSB telling Coinitix is legit and they is nothing else they can do about it and are taking my £250 back after refunding me weeks ago. I have followed advice on here but no one seems to have got their money back except for Moses back in January It be nice if you are legit Moses to follow up on this platform . I put 3 reviews on Trustpilot first one taken down after 2 days the other 2 in 7 hours. It seems all the tables are stacked against us who have been scam but I not giving up I still going to put reviews on Trustpilot and any other platforms so others don’t fall for Investxe scammers .

  105. That’s exactly what I said ages ago, they direct you to a legit coin exchange, you purchase coin then send to an external wallet belonging to the scammers, coinitex and the like have done nothing wrong so a chargeback is pointless.
    Suck it up take it on the chin and move on otherwise it’ll do your brain in.

  106. Thanks for your advice Ray but I not giving up yet I have put another review on Trustpilot which will be off in 7 hours and I complain to the bank about their decision which won’t get me any where but at least it register against them and it 7 hours of people reading my bad review against them.I already know there is no chance of getting my money back but I hope our reviews will deter others not to use them.

  107. The problem being is nobody, and us ever read the reviews until it’s too late, if people like us read the reviews first Investex wouldn’t make a bean. By the way I complained to the bank RBS and got nowhere.

  108. Yes I know I won’t get any where with the bank but not everyone like us some people will read reviews before they commit .I did I went onto a website I thought was legit telling me Bitcoin profit was a legit company then press link to sign up which brought me to Investxe .Hindsight when the name change it should have rang alarm bells I should of went onto Trustpilot for my reviews

  109. Same here Barclays refunded to take it off again they follow the same policy saying coinitex is a legit source. I invest with InvestXE at the time never heard about coinitex. When coinitex called I thought was all the same company different departments. 🤔 the banks should banned coinitex as same banks banning Binance. Banks taking lots of profits with those scamers as well. Same on them. Going to start keeping my cash at home and pay as much as i can cash.

  110. there is no fee or anything i my self was Victim Ashwell that i know where are they located …try ask
    INES i never ask anything except for Proof ….

  111. Amerh didn’t you say in your earlier post you work for them and can get our money back now you are a victim which is it?

  112. i dint know that it was a scam…when found and heard so many complaints and specially the victims pensioners makes me more to Quit///Drop your email or we can create a Group chat ..Will help you…the best we can with no money involved …

  113. The bad reviews on Trustpilot are working they are now rated as poor down from excellent. Keep those reviews going people and mine at the moment is still on it .

  114. Do not accept you invested with Coinitix . I did not knowingly invest with Coinitix . That is part of the scam . If you are like me you went on the InvestXE website. On your account page there is a tab on the top RHS which says ‘deposit’ . When you press this you put amount and bank card details . The money you deposit then appears as Dollars/Bitcoin in your equity figure Top LHS of page . I then got a receipt from InvestXE thanking me for my deposit . As far as I am aware though the money that is invested goes into a fake bitcoin wallet for InvestXE . Do not accept you invest with Coinitix as you believe you are investing with InvestXE and Coinitix is just a funds converter .

  115. Please look at the Mail on Sunday July 4th Pages 124 and 125 . I had a 2 page feature about me and InvestXE .. I am working with the Financial Editor Jeff Prestridge to expose Barclays and get my money back . Please contact him for help .
    He is very supportive and the publicity hurts both InvestXE and Barclays .

  116. Hi Andrew I read your story in the mail on Sunday it took some finding date was 3rd on the search then updated on the 4th . I lost £250 which was my profit I made on Binance . I followed your advice about chargeback with the TSB which I have put their reply in a earlier post and putting reviews on Trustpilot which at the moment my 4 review has not been removed. I lucky Investxe only got £250 out of me compare to you and others they need taking down but I like Ray i ending the fight and going to put this down to learning experience.

  117. Yeah I second that from Ray and just move on from it. Even if they were removed would again re-appear under a different name doing the same sh@t again….

  118. The old saying is “never spend more than you can afford to loose” this is a well known fact and often used in the dealing circle, so to those who are still hoping to get some redress and grasping at straws… forget it …put it down to experience and move on otherwise it’ll take up so much of your valuable time and tbh it’s not worth it, mind you if you’ve fuck all to do with your time…. carry on.

  119. I guess alot of you here is not real..i benn trying to contact you guys to help u you i am not asking anyyhing in return,,I just need cooperation…or I guess you Got your Money Back…

  120. Herma I am in the prosses of trying to retrieve my moneys but I am getting the cold shoulder from this company and wanting me to put more money over to recover what they assisted me in loosing put I have some help as they are well known and very cunning to steal as much monies as thay can from unsuspecting people especially new investors as I was.
    And learn to spell properly or go back to school and read a dictionary thanks

  121. well i am not here to ask money from you im trying to help you out….you have nothing to lose anyway im just trying to help u..

    leave you email…
    ill do my very best to help you…

  122. Off on your bike Herma – we don’t need scammers on here like YOU and YOU Russell – stop playing victim like your situation is real. P#ss off

  123. Hello to you all. Thanks so much for all your comments. I was contacted today by a Jim Gutierez from Investxe looking for investors I arranged to speak tomorrow. Meanwhile I have read the whole page of your comments and I am very appreciative of all your help They won’t get any money from me but it will be a veeeeerry interesting conversation I have been scammed by other companies and now look for comments like yours.
    There are dozens of scam companies in London and UK It would be nice if there was a list of scam companies that we could refer to say on a website so we can instantly see scammers I will keep in touch Thanks again all

  124. Scam…Scam…..Scam .. fake names ,fake phone no, fake address, plz think about before invest, they’re unregulate offshore brokers .

  125. I to have been scammed by these people, everything I have experience is well documented above by other unfortunate people. The executive account manager (if you can call him that) was Ruben Steiner, how this company can be allowed to operate is completely beyond me. I have just been on their website to withdraw my money and guess what…? My withdraw request as been declined (shock horror), I think I can kiss my money goodbye. Lesson learnt I should have done my homework, wish I would have read these reviews first. I will put my complaint on trust pilot for what good that will do, however if anyone could give me a little advice I would appreciate it. Many Thanks

  126. Don’t trust trade.investxe.comi started last week and I’ve found that they are connected to another trading company called FX trading and most of there deposits are through one these companies only have 1 thing in common and that they will be all to take your payment and when you want to go for a refund they are refusing you your money is locked so you can’t get it So Don’t touch them I’ve now lost £350 through them and I’ll never do anything without checking the reviews I do recommend you try eTORO they are wonderful you can withdraw money without a problem

  127. They keep asking me for a copy of my passport and there had scam me the manger was call me to put more invest in but luckily PRIME DIAL. () r g stopped the big mess thank god don’t go near this company. What a shame!!

  128. They are a total scam . I got my money back via the UK Financial Ombudsman .£8.5k .Please use this for a refund and not the fake sites pretending to able to get your money back .

  129. My situation is exactly like Dino except for the fact I paid £25o through Coindec and realised very quickly that this was a scam so I refused to give them my details when they called to register me

    I had one year of incessant calls from
    Switzerland and UK I blocked many and told them I did not want to continue and preferred to lose that sum

    Last week I got a call from Alex who told me he was calling not to get me to invest but to return my £250 as the company had been closed down

    I then went through the same process as Dino and Alex helped me to log on I stupidly did then the they put Fx app on my phone It took ages as I am not very computer savvy
    They said could only return
    Money if I opened a wallet It could not be sent to my bank
    Alex then said that I must have another Credit card not the one on my Bank statement He kept insisting I had already signed up and gave them the details of my other account
    I then realised something was not right I asked why was he interested in my accounts if they are actually returning money to me

    The phone went dead The number they used is not accessible
    I reported to fraud office and my bank changed my credit card and I changed my password
    I also signed up to a special anti virus software
    I am still very nervous that they can access my bank account or computer
    I deleted all the sites they made me access Easy Desk and Fx

    I can only hope they will not use my details
    What really shocks me is that these complaints go back to last year maybe before but the Fraud Office seems powerless to stop them
    This is not good enough
    They must be stopped

  130. Sorry to hear that these scammers have robbed you all too. The people behind the misappropriation of our hard earned money are absolute soulless, deceitful scammers, cowards that hide behind other forms. First they make everything so positive and build rapport and get you motivated, gaining your trust as they stay in constant contact and show you how to use the InvestXE platform. The names of the people working for InvestXE that contacted me where (most likely aliases) Allan D. Volkov (Account Development Executive) he retained me for the duration of the scam / Adam Steinberg (Senior Exec – spoke like a psychologist) / Simon Kowalski (Floor Manager – trade analyst)
    I lost a significant amount of my hard earned money gained over 15 years $160,000 AUD. This was to be put towards a deposit on a house and my families future, my kids education, health and visiting family oversees that we have not seen in over 3 years. They have robbed me of a prosperous life and have shatters aims and goals. Those operating InvestXE had my identification documents and have likely opened up varies deposit wallets. I have filed my Police report in my state of Australia and engaged in some help with a Crypto team who specialise in Blockchain analysis and produced me a report that provided a step by step guide to assist Police, however due to the scammers being international and authority over what can be done is complex, if anything can be done at all. I can only try. Any advice on what would help in the recovery of my money would be much appreciated. It is evident that online investment especially in digital assets produce new emerging scams and issues arise where Police are lagging in the know how to deal with situations, making it harder when it’s international and unregulated. I checked the website InvestXE this week 22/08/2022 which states they have “stopped their operations” I have the WhatsApp numbers that these scammer contacted me on and they are still checking their messages. InvestXE have association with Ibinex, Coinitex and also use reference xShop OU which is what they requested when I made by bank deposit transfers to their account they set up under BSB 802919 ACCOUNT 1496556 & BSB 802919 Account 1613284 (Both accounts belong to the fraudsters who opened the accounts through CASCAL Pty Ltd which is an international money assisted transfer service, I called them and was advised to contact their ownership company Zepto. I called Zepto and they confirmed that the payments did go trough them to their other client http://www.Flash- I contacted Flash-FX and informed them that my initial bank transfer deposit I made was against reference xShop OU, my contact (Nick) replied and advised that they had alerted the authorities about this xShop OU merchant and had seized providing services to xShop OU a while ago, my contact Nick from Flash-FX said that I can forward his details so police can contact him directly. I supplied this information to my investigating officer, waiting for him to act. Also I realise that Ibinex and Cionitex are both supported by xShop OU?? I’m not giving up without a fight because these scammers need to be exposed and face the consequences for the many shattered goals and aims taken from people and families, not to mentioned my own time and effort I put into their fraudulent ‘InvestXE’ trading platform. I am grateful I still have food, somewhere to live and good people in my life. If I can restore some trust in weeding out these dishonest future wreckers then “Why not?” it’s heart-breaking to know that they can do this to anyone, the vulnerable and elderly. Ultimately having what is rightfully ours returned would be icing on the cake. Thanks for reading and the thank you for the creators of this forum. Safer communities together. Peace

  131. I was scammed by invest Xe too .I got a phone call a week ago from someone who claims to be from blockchain fraud department asking me if I had that invest xe had been convicted and that they had used my details to create an account with blockchain and that they are going to help me to recover the funds ,
    I smell rat and will not fall into their scram again.

  132. this company are SCAMMERS88888888888 i invested 5000 dollars. i have /try to contact them the site seems to have closed down. my advise is stay away from Invest xe.

  133. Yes be Aware of InvestXE scamers…they will ripe so many people including myself a year back. Never saw the money.
    I advise people to write comments on trustpilot is a popular site and lots of people looking there bf investing
    By doing that we are helping others to fall for it.

  134. I was also scammed. Paid 250 to open trading them an extra 100 later on. Now I cant even get on the site. Just says THIS SITE CANT BE REACHED. So pissed off not as if I can afford to lose this money being a single dad


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