Privacy Policy

This page does NOT share, sell or trade in anyway, the personal information of the users. Also we do NOT request personal information about the users except for the email address that is automatically required when someone comments into one of our posts.

Why do we request the email address?

The email address is required in order to protect this website from spam. Email addresses may also be used to notify the users when something important changes within our site terms.


This website uses some plugins that may track the user’s location and navigation through our pages. Why do we make these trackings?
The users location and navigation is being tracked for one purpose only, and that is to improve our website. We need to know what audience are we targeting with our posts. Also we need to know what pages does the users click into our website. This can help us improve our website.

Cookies that we use:

Device Specific Information Cookie.
We collect device information to understand the technology that our users use. This enables us to make adjustments in our site.

Location Cookies

We collect the location of our users to understand our traffic.
We use that information to improve our improve and target our content for specific audiences.

Session and navigation cookies.

We track the navigation through our website to understand how interested users are for specific posts. Also we track the sessions created by users.

Advertisement Cookies

The users information is readable by third party advertisement companies, like Google Adsense. These cookies are not set directly bu us. Google adsense use the double click cookie to show relevant ads to users.