Delta Market Review

Today we will go through the Delta Market review (or DeltaMarket). Just to clear any suspicions, this is a review.

About Delta Market

Delta Market is an international brokerage company that accepts clients all over the world except USA, Israel and France. They are currently serving thousands of clients, which shows that they are actually doing pretty well, especially taking into account that they manage to stay on market at a time like this. They also claim they have a deep knowledge of the market and do a heavy research on trades, and that’s what we have tested after opening an account with them.

Account Types

They have four types of trading accounts, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum respectively. But what is most surprising to us, the conditions of the minor, Bronze account are better than most market offers of its cost. The spread for the majors is 2.8 pips which is already below the average of industry’s standard and that is a good thing. The stop out level is 5% which is one of the lowest we have seen and that will help people with low margin. Another thing that catches our eye in the Bronze account is the fact that they allow scalping which is very rare amongst brokers. Scalping means you can close trades with a small amount of profit in a short period of time, almost instantly after its opening which is another good thing for people with low margin and those who prefer scalping over all other types of trading. However, there is no EA (Expert Advisors) allowed on the Bronze account type, so if you really want to use EA you will need to upgrade in the Silver account.

Best Account Types

While the Silver account has all the options enabled, including Expert Advisors and personal account manager, from the spread point of view it’s not that far gone from the bronze account. It has 2,5 pips spread which is promising but it just cannot compare with 1,5 pips spread of the Gold account which provides trader with most options for profitable full-time trading. Not to mention the 0,1 pips spread on the Platinum account, which means that trader has almost no need to pay for company services. We tested Bronze account first to see things closer from the inside; all the conditions mentioned of reviews were met and all the services were provided on a good level. Last but not least, there are no commissions on the major trades for all the accounts, and even though it’s quite unusual, broker seems to be doing its best to make the trading process smooth and clear for the clients. We have rarely seen such conditions on trading accounts. This will definitely add some extra points in the Delta Market review.

Opening the account

After registering and opening an account with Delta Market we made a contact with company employees. Account manager was ready to help us walk through the client area and trading terminals upon our request in just a couple of minutes. Actually, the platforms and the client area were pretty intuitive themselves but the account manager also offered help educating us on the market and trading methods and concepts, and it looks like Delta Market would be suitable for newcomers and those who wish to systemize the knowledge of trading. We postponed that for later because we wanted to take a look around ourselves first.

Deposit and Withdrawals

It seems that there are only two deposit methods in Delta Market, credit/debit cards and bank transfers. That is fine with us as we always use one of those two but there might be people who want different deposit methods. There is no fee from Delta Market in depositing into the account which is also a big plus, but the bank can charge its own commissions which depend solely on their inner rules. Withdrawal methods also include the two options mentioned above but they have a downside as it takes a few days for withdrawals to reach your bank account so there’s always a chance that you will have to wait for a couple of days. And that can take down some points in the Delta Market review.

Trading Platforms

Delta Market uses Meta Trader 4 application for placing trades on the market. This is by far the most common and the most suitable application. It can be accessed from a desktop/laptop at home, from the web if you are on the go and also from a mobile application. This broker also provides demo accounts to practice on for people who haven’t traded before. So keep in mind that before you jump into trading on a real account straight away you might consider practicing on a demo account. In addition, Delta Market also offers Islamic accounts which are swap-free.

Trading Symbols

Delta Market offers a variety of trading symbols in MT4, including currency pairs, indices and most importantly stocks. The most heavily traded symbol is the EUR/USD which on Delta Market comes with a decent spread. US stocks are also traded frequently because some of the most profitable companies fall into this category including Amazon, Apple, Google and many others. There are crypto assets available for trading, and we invested some money in crypto currencies, specifically bitcoin hoping that this crypto will soon see its glory days again.

Can u trade yourself

For some people it might just be confusing seeing so many trading symbols and chart analysis on the MT4 platform. But with the proper education and some practice we believe anyone can learn how to trade. At the Delta Market there is an education section that teaches the basic concepts, common methods of trading, and analysis methods as well, so you might want to take a look at that if you are a beginner. Further information can also be found on the web including videos and speculations. Account manager is also ready to help with any question or confusion that you may have so that is also a big deal for beginners.

Delta Market Review Conclusions

Signing up and creating an account with Delta Market was fairly easy. The conditions on the account types are very favorable which also earned some extra points in the Delta Market review. The account manager was ready to help and responded fast which makes you feel like you are not alone especially if you are a beginner. The deposit methods are the most common ones but that was all we needed actually. The trading platform is MT4 which is by far the most used platform and for a good reason. Inside the MT4 there were all the trading symbols we needed including stocks, indices and crypto symbols like bitcoin. There is also an education section on the website for beginners so you might want to take a look at that. We hope our Delta Market review was helpful to you.


  1. Well sitting home at once-again-lockdown, I must say I didn’t expect that much from that broker. Day trading is most satisfactory. I’ve doubled my depo in three weeks and wait for more right now when the week is over and I have two long-terms deals, I hope, closed in green zone.

    Rating: 5
  2. Heu guys, what type of account do you use? I’m sure I can make more with Gold or Platinum but is there anyone who can actually tell me about the spreads and terms?

    Rating: 4
  3. Thank you for review, and that’s all true – I’ve started trading three days ago, got a call from manager and we’ve made planning for the whole trading month till Christmas. Will keep this review updated on my progress

    Rating: 5
  4. Awesome!!! I’ve got $500 in less than a week and it’s such a relief after my last broker! Pitty that I can’t upload my screen capture to show the results.

    Rating: 4
  5. Did you see btc rising? I don’t think there will be any better time for trading in next two years, i’ve already made 2k in November, and with Deltamarket forex hope to earn same or even more in December. Ten stars out of ten

    Rating: 5
  6. Finally this year is over. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year everybody! Just got my withdrawal from DeltaMarket and that’s best present of all!

    Rating: 5
  7. I wonder if there’s any chance to work with them on a managed account since I don’t have any experience in trading. Did anyone try this?

    Rating: 5
  8. I don’t know if deltamarket scam or not, but I’m working with them for half a year already and never noticed any troubles. And I’ve never understood those who complain a lot about market unpredictable behavior. Sure thing, it’s live market, live money doing more money, it’s always unpredictable and that’s why we’re all here trying to catch trend and get something big.

    Rating: 5
  9. I started trading with in summer, and in October I got my first withdrawal. Right now all that I have on my account is my profit money, not invested, because I’ve withdrew everything I’ve put in and even more than that. I advise you to start trading and leave your doubts behind because that you get is your own self-assurance

    Rating: 5
  10. Very productive and comfort trading. It is quite a surprise that a young company like that manages to stay on market with such quality of services.

    Rating: 4
  11. I want to thank all the team of Delta Market broker, for all they’ve done over last ten months for me all the way from my first market order and to my current weekly withdrawals. You’re great! Stay this way!

    Rating: 5


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