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Read our Banner Peak review carefully to understand why this website is a scam. Just to clear doubts this is a review.

Who are they?

If you take a look at their website really carefully you would notice that they don’t really show who they are and that is a MAJOR RED FLAG!! They have a fake address based in London and an About us page that doesn’t really tell much about them. That should be enough for you NOT to invest with them. And they also work with websites that offer “Automated trading software” which is another red flag, as this kind of websites are notoriously famous for scamming schemes.

What do they offer?

They offer self service online marketing campaigns, meaning you invest with them create a campaign and then watch the money flow into your account. And basically you sit back and make a lot of money by doing nothing. Does it sound too good to be true? IT IS!! Please DO NOT fall for such lies and schemes that offer a lot of money without having to do anything. They are all scams!!!

How does the scam work?

Although we didn’t sign up with their service is actually quite obvious to us how this scam works. After registering in their website they will call you right away and try to convince you that you can make a lot of money with their service. After you deposit, they will show you some profits so they can lure you into investing more for higher returns. Everything so far will seem fine to you until you submit a withdrawal request and here is when things get tricky. When you submit a withdrawal request they will do anything they can to make you continue investing with them and they will delay the withdrawal process as long as they can, or even come up with other lies like they went bankrupt or got hacked, but they will not give your money back.

How to withdraw your money

The first thing you need to do is submit a withdrawal request. There is a high probability that they will try to convince you to do the opposite and continue working with them. Please make it clear that you want to withdraw. They will delay the withdrawal process as long as possible. If they delay it long enough, you won’t be able to withdraw anymore.
So if they delay it for more than a week or two, they clearly don’t want to refund your money. In this case, contact your bank or credit card company to arrange a chargeback. If you do not know where to start or what to say to your bank please contact us at [email protected] and we can help you prepare your case.

What about wire transfers

If your payment method was a wire transfer, there is no way to make a chargeback on a wire transfer. For this step you have to take the fight to another level. Tell them that you will go to the authorities and file a complaint against them. This will make them to rethink the reimbursement option.

Leave reviews about Banner Peak wherever you can

Another way to hurt them is to leave bad reviews on other websites and briefly describe what happened. This way you can also save other people from falling victims. If you have become a victim, please leave a review and comment on this page in the comments section.

Banner Peak Review Conclusions

It’s a pleasure for us to do the Banner Peak review, and we hope to keep as many people as possible from losing their hard-earned money. A good rule of thumb is to carefully review all companies before making a transaction. And be careful with websites that offer “Get Rich Quick” schemes. We hope that our Banner Peak review was helpful for you. If you have any questions or need advice on the withdrawal process, you can contact us at [email protected]


  1. My name is Stuart and I have fallen victim to these unscrupulous B******’s who have no moral values whatsoever. I feel disappointed in myself for falling for such a scam but am pursuing every available option to recoup my investment. I thought I had adequately checked them out prior to becoming involved with them but obviously not and subsequently became tangled in their web of deceit. If my experience and this review can prevent others from falling into their trap, or if anyone wishes to discuss their experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.

  2. Hallo, I got caught too. Unfortunately, a few minutes after I paid 250 € and the platform was presented to me, I slowly realized that it was a mistake….. I started by registering with the promise that I will register on Bitcoin Revolution after entering a few details name, email…. I was redirected to this page in no time I was in touch by phone I stopped thinking about where I ended up. I started to think again after payment and the presentation. I started searching the internet and unfortunately I confirmed that it was a mistake. I wrote them an E-Mail that I want money back. They called me in a moment, the man on the phone started threatening me after I told him I wanted the money back and that it was a scam “shut the fuck up, you’re acting like a child, you don’t know who you’re messing with. I contacted my bank to see what happens. I also thought I checked enough.

  3. Sorry to hear that Michal. I lost 8000€ in total, which is a significant amount, and have been told by my bank that since the funds were transferred by international bank transfer and are no longer in the intermediate account that they cannot be recovered. I like you made a number of phone calls and sent numerous emails but with no contact from them. I am still looking at ways to recover at least some of my loss! Have you had any success in recovering any monies?

  4. Cees
    Sorry for my English writing, y am Dutch, i am fooled too.
    i thougt i was dealing with a dutch site too invest in Bitcoins, but i think trough malaware i was getting connected with ( not the site afterwards i needed to be connected !!)
    i invested €250.- too try how it works, i was called immediately by a guy from London, talking very fast ,
    and why i should not invest more money like millionairs or movie stars, because of the great profit .
    i said i was not interested. shortly afhter that i was called by a pertson called Martin who was the manager and started the same story i replied the same no more than 250 euro investment.
    afther that i was called more times.
    when there seemed to be a little profit , i wanted too cash and withdraw (on the account) because i did’t thrust the company.
    There was no reply or other communication .
    i sended a few e-mails with seriously comments about that , and never got answer !!
    my Advise never invest in that fraudulous company , that is the name not worth, i hope that they got rich and die soon with Corona virus , or get jailed by scam

  5. Yeah complete scam, I realized this as soon as I put the money, they make you see how money grows and then try to get more money… I said I will want to test if I can withdraw first and then I will put more investment , so they did refund my original amount, then I still had £1400 , K said xan I just withdraw another £300, then I will go forward, got reply back that they are not ATM and I agreed of investment…..I’m lucky got my original investment back.

    Rating: 1
  6. Can someone help me with this scam banner-peak. I have my 260£ amount with them and no response for my emails or phone calls… whom do I report…? I have my transaction card blocked due to this scam

  7. What a scam!!!Look for these slick guys!
    Ask for phonenumber so you can call them,Look out for Steven,Frank and Alex.
    Look for every detail on the website is something missing or anything fishy.
    Background check and also ask questions!


  8. It is really a scam. When you request a withdraw, they will ask you to pay tax , withdrawal fee. Having settled that payments, they will tell you that the amount has been hacked, so you need to pay insurance fee. And then they will tell you due to covid-19, insurance company do not work, you need to pay retrieve fee to get back the amount to Banner Peak. When it is all done, they will threatened you that nothing can be returned to you if you don’t invest 10 more bitcoins for arbitrage duel. Then you are with no choice but do it in order to please them. However, few days later, they are not going to withdraw any amount to you but ask you further more for marginal call. If you do not pay that, you will face total loss of the amount, so you are trapped in a dilemma. Having settled all the fees, while you are looking for the withdraw, they call you again and tell you that bitcoin halving is coming, so they are preparing to make more profit from you without you consent . Then they disappear for a week. One week later, they say that the amount is nearly doubled from the original, so you need to pay more withdrawal fee to release that amount.

    As the withdraw fee is higher and higher each time, I decide to give up. I have a huge loss in this few weeks. If you want to know more about my story during this few weeks to awaken you, feel free to email me and you will find that you must stop paying any withdrawal fee at any moment.

    Rating: 1
  9. Just go and log a complaint with action fraud and share that screen shot to them copy their support team. And see what happens next…

  10. Dear All,
    For all of you who have been Scammed by Banner-Peak. I have been scammed big amount of money. They took it from me and will never give me back. I have reported to Action Fraud.
    Are you all interested to group with me and get a lawyer to represent all of us in order to track them and get our money back. It will be much less expensive than trying to do it by ourselves. If you are interested, please contact me on my email: [email protected]

  11. I have recently become a victim of these unscrupulous, cruel scumbags. I feel so stupid. My bank account was cancelled and reissued by Santander, and they are looking into getting back the “capital gains tax” and “release fee” I paid by credit card that. My initial investment was paid by bank transfer, so not much hope of getting that back. I have also reported to Action Fraud, but early days yet so haven’t heard much about their investigation. In total I have lost £29k.

  12. I am one of the victims now and when I want to withdraw the money, they ask me to pay CGT tax first in order to get the money back. Actually I am arranging the tax to be paid but good to see this reviews. My fund also paid by bank transfer.

    @DP could you please kindly tell me how you manage to do the complaint with Action Fraud and get back the money and reply to [email protected]? Many thanks

    Rating: 3
  13. Yesterday had a call from a company called “Blockchain” telling me they have stopped this scam and have the bitcoins are now working with Action Fraud to return my whole investment to me (and presumably everyone else). I subsequently spoke with Action Fraud who tell me that this is probably a further scam to extort more money out of me. I am currently waiting for a further call from them and will post the results of the call on here.

  14. I had a further call from a guy calling himself Derek yesterday evening and he got quite upset when i told him I hadn’t had time to fill in the forms he emailed me and when I started to ask other probing questions. Having calmed him down slightly I asked him to call me again on Friday morning by which time I will have made my decision whether or not to proceed. Having read through the forms today I see that in order to proceed I have to pay a “refundable” deposit of $3,500 dollars. WHAT! another $3,500 to get my original money returned – I don’t think so! Will someone please tell me this isn’t another scam on the back of Banner Peak scam as I really do think it is and I’ll be having some strong words with the guy when he calls tomorrow. I’ll let you know what his reaction is when I challenge him.

  15. Hi Stuart!Just leave the offer flat down,you just wasting time with this contuining scam.Blockchain is a real company and to think that this guy Derek work for them?Not! Hes just another banner-peak person.
    He couldnt leave his phonenumber and i didnt receive an email that he promised to send.
    Buy real silver instead its going to be a good investment.

  16. Thanks Jouko for your reply. As it happens since my last encounter with him he hasn’t phoned again. I think I was too near the truth when I told him it was a scam which it certainly is. Have a great day!

  17. The new “blockchain” scam method is something they came up with to get some more money from you. Do not fall for it, do not pay a single penny more. Not to that not to any advance fee scam that they come up with.

  18. I was told by Michael from “Blockchain” that Banner-Peak had inverted my money in many places and that my total was now $35,000. In order to get the $35,000 i had to make a “refundable deposit” of $1000 to link my bank account with the wallet and then I will receive $36,000. I told him its 4am where I am at the moment and to call back at a later time (knowing that its another scam). He replied by saying “are you not excited that you WON $36,000?”… I told him that I was scammed by banner peak…. and before I could finish, he got a little upset by raising his voice stating he was not from banner peak. I just hung up after that. (btw he claims he was British, and although Im not British, I’m very sure he had a strong Indian accent). This new method is definitely something they came up with after being pressured by a lot of bad reviews and being well known as a SCAM.

  19. Dear Shy, Could you pls give me ANY CONTACT for blockchain ? I´m also fall for it.
    Thks a lot for FAST REPY.


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