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Today we will go through ads supply review. Just to clear doubts, this is an review, not to be confused with any other website.
There are many digital marketing and advertising platforms available these days, to the point that it might get a bit overwhelming, especially for newbie online marketers. One of the platforms that aspire to ease advertising the process is In this Ads Supply review, we’ll examine what it’s all about, how it works and what makes it a good way to make yourself an extra income.

About Ads Supply

Ads Supply is an international performance marketing company and platform that operates worldwide (except in the USA). Ads Supply claims its primary goal is to change the advertising industry by offering advanced tools for experienced affiliate marketers and, at the same time, simplifying the process for newcomers. Before we dive in and check these tools, first, let’s take a look at how the platform works.

What do they offer?

Ads Supply was raised on the needs of businesses to increase their online presence. There are many businesses and companies that do not want to have a marketing department for different reasons. They are better off paying third-party services to manage their marketing plan and generate leads and sales for them. This is where Ads Supply comes into play.

The platform manages paid advertisements for businesses and companies by creating professional banner ads that catch the user’s eye. For every lead they send to the company, they receive a commission. In other words, the platform provides its members (i.e., marketers) the tools to create, run, and optimize CPL (stands for cost-per-lead) ad campaigns and get paid for every lead they generate through their ads.

However, not every member is an experienced online marketer, and that’s why Ads Supply has created ready-to-publish ads that can help newbies gain experience until they’re ready to create their own professional-looking ads.

Take in note that this Ads Supply review is not just another product review. We will share with you our experience with this platform and go through the whole process until making money. Do you still find it interesting?! Keep on reading to start making money.

Using the Platform

As soon as we opened a new account, we got a call from one of the Ads Supply employees ready to walk us through the platform and explain how it works.

The platform allows members to create and run banner ad campaigns in two ways: First, by using the “Marketplace” feature, members can instantly buy and launch ready-made ads (as mentioned before, an excellent option for newbies).

The second way is by using the “Custom Campaigns” advanced feature, which allows members to have more control over the ad creation process and basically create it from scratch in a step-by-step manner.

Remember – each ad campaign promotes either a product or service. The more leads your ad generates, the more money you can make.

Ads Supply in Action

So, we’ve created and launched our first ad campaign, but you’re probably wondering by now where these ads show. Well, the backbone of the Ads Supply platform is the advertising network behind the scenes. This is composed of thousands of websites in different niches that display ads to the highest bidder. Those sites earn money for every ad that is shown to their visitors, and if the visitor chooses to click on the ad and signs up to the advertiser’s offer, then Ads Supply and the user who created the ad will earn a commission. Yes, it is that easy!

Deposit Methods

There are two main deposit methods in Ads Supply – credit card and wire transfer, which are usually sufficient as these are the most used options anywhere. However, we also asked the account manager if they were willing to accept other types of payments and found out, gladly, that Ads Supply also accepts bitcoins.

Withdrawal Methods

It seems that the withdrawal options are also the two mentioned above, credit cards and wire transfer. After promoting a few successful ad campaigns, we tested both these options. The credit card withdrawal was quick, but the wire transfer took about five business days to reach our account, including processing time, which is longer than we expected and obviously requires some improvement. Finally, we tried to make a bitcoin payment which was super-fast and easy. The payment was successfully accepted within a few minutes. Just awesome, isn’t it?

Account Types

Ads Supply offers members five different account types, starting with the basic Starter account, which has a minimum deposit of $250 and will get you a 20% bonus. Despite having a relatively cheap entrance fee, it also has the least bonuses and benefits, but it’s still a good option to start with, especially for inexperienced marketers.

The other popular account types are Silver, Gold, and Platinum (there’s also an expensive VIP account), which will get you 15%, 25%, and 30% bonus, respectively, in addition to a few other exclusive bonuses such as a marketing e-book and Live Training Sessions (the number varies based on the chosen package).

Our Ads Supply Review Conclusion

What we loved the most about the Ads Supply platform is its simplicity. The signup process was quick; the dashboard is user-friendly, the ready-to-publish ads are great for people with no previous marketing experience, and even the “Custom Campaigns” feature, which allows members to create ads from scratch, is quite intuitive.

Additionally, the minimum deposit amount of $250 is pretty low, which gives many people who don’t have a lot of capital the opportunity to join. We also have to say a good word about Ads Supply employees who kindly helped us with everything we needed, from getting knowledge about Ads Supply platform to withdrawing our money and earnings.

Overall, to sum our Ads Supply review, the platform seems like a solid option to make some extra or full-time income from home (though not guaranteed), especially for those new to the online marketing world. We definitely loved it.


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