Sony KD60X690E Review

Today we will go through the Sony KD60X690E review. The Sony KD60X690E review is structured in for sections.
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Sony KD60X690E Specs

Model Number: KD60X690E
Model Year: 2017
Screen Size: 60″
Display Type: LCD
Backlight Type: Edge LED
Resolution: 4K UHD (3840×2160)
HDR (High Dynamic Range) Compatibility: Yes
Backlight Dimming Type: Frame Dimming
Clarity Enhancement: 4K X-Reality™ PRO
Color Enhancement: Live Color™ Technology: Yes
Dynamic Contrast Enhancer: Yes
Motion Rate: Motion-flow™ XR 240Hz (native 50Hz)
Smart TV: Yes
Operating System: Linux
Application Store: Yes (Opera Store)
Photo Sharing Plus: Yes
Screen mirroring (Miracast™): Yes
USB HDD Recording: No
Dynamic Backlight Control: Yes
Digital Receiver: DVB-T/T2/C
Audio Power Output: 20 W
Speaker Type: Open Baffle Speaker
Dolby Audio Format Support: Dolby™ Digital, Dolby™ Digital Plus, Dolby™ Pulse
DTS Audio Format Support: DTS Digital Surround
Sound Processing: Clear Audio+
Simulated Surround Sound: S-Force Front Surround
HEVC Support: Yes (Up to 4k)
WI-FI Standard: Wi-Fi Certified 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Ethernet Port: 1
HDMI Ports: 3
USB Ports: 3
HDMI Audio Return: Yes
Audio Headphone: 1

Picture Quality

Sony KD60X690E has a very good picture quality thanks to the 4k resolution. The HDR (High Dynamic Range) provides colorful images which is very important when playing games or watching colorful content. However, we have bad news for the movie lovers because this TV doesn’t have local dimming. The lack of local dimming means that the black color depth and uniformity are not so good and that makes the movie watching experience less enjoyable. But at least has frame dimming technology which somehow compensates a little the lack of local dimming tech. The colors look good too thanks to the live color technology and dynamic contrast enhancer. So if you planning to watch mostly HDR content and sacrifice the lack of deep black colors this TV may be the right TV for you. We will give 4/5 points for the Sony KD60X690E review part of the picture quality.


Sony KD60X690E is a smart TV so you can connect it to the internet and browse online content. The connection can be established through the integrated wireless module or through the Ethernet port. However, we regret to tell you that this TV doesn’t have the Android OS which had always been a strong part of Sony TVs. Instead it has a Linux OS and the Opera application store where you can find useful apps but not as much as you would find on the Google play store. Anyway, you can share your smartphone’s screen easily with the TV through the Miracast technology or photo sharing plus technology. We will give 4/4 points for the Sony KD60X690E review part of the features.


Sony KD60X690E has two built-in speakers with 10W power each. The total output power of 20W is usually enough, unless you are standing too far from the TV. If this is the case you should consider buying external speakers that will turn your room into a home theater. The sound is clear thanks to the Audio Clear+ technology, but that depends on the content quality. We will give 4/5 points for the Sony KD60X690E review part of the sound.


Sony KD60X690E has a very good design. The color looks very good and will adapt to whatever color your room has. It has a narrow frame, which is a very desirable design feature nowadays. Also the stander looks good and it is not exaggerated. One other good design feature is the cable management so there will be no more ugly cables around the TV. We will give 4.5/5 points for the Sony KD60X690E review part of the design.

Sony KD60X690E Price

Sony KD60X690E price was $898 as of February 2018 which is a good price. We will give 5/5 points for the Sony KD60X690E review part of the price.
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This TV is generally a good TV if you plan to use it mostly for watching HDR content. It doesn’t have local dimming so the movie watching experience won’t be that good. Also, it doesn’t have the Android OS which was always a really strong feature of Sony’s TVs. There are also no special features except the basic ones. The sound is loud and clear but that depends on the content quality. Design is good because of the narrow frame and the hidden cables. We hope our Sony KD60X690E review has been helpful.

Should I buy Sony KD60X690E

If you are planning to watch HDR content we recommend this TV. However, the movie watching experience won’t be that good. We also recommend taking a look at this other TV LG 60SJ8000.

Picture Quality


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