Best TV Accessories

Today we will look at some of the best TV accessories that can make your flat screen TV more functional and even more beautiful. It doesn’t matter what kind of TV brand you own, these accessories are compatible with every TV brand and size. For each accessory there is one Amazon US and one Amazon UK link so make sure you click on the right one.

Android Box

An Android box, is a set-top box with internet connection which can be used to stream movies or TV shows from any of the service providers (like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, etc), and can also load your TV with tons of apps. The apps can be downloaded from Google play store and can make your TV more useful. If you have a non-smart TV, we think that this device is definitely a must-have. However, even if you have a smart TV, you may also want to turn the existing operating system into an android operating system. Android boxes come with different specs and prices and also with different designs.

Android stick

An Android stick has similar functions like an Android box but these devices usually have less memory. However, they are cable free and do not occupy much space which makes them easier to manage. These devices also work with any TV brand and size and can turn your TV into an Android TV.

Fire TV box and stick

These devices from Amazon can also be used to stream content like movies, music, games etc from different service providers (like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO, etc). They come also in set-top boxes and sticks and can really give life to your TV.

Home theater speaker system

Now if you are like the most of us who like to watch movies with the volume through the roof, you may want to take a look at a speaker system. These speakers will make your friend go jealous and your neighbor go cuckoo. They are relatively expensive but if you buy them, they will truly turn your home into a cinema, especially if you have a big screen TV.

HDMI Switch

If your devices that use a HDMI connection exceed the number of HDMI ports on your TV, then a HDMI switch may come in handy. There are different devices that come with different number of ports and different prices so you can easily find the one that suits your needs.

Mini wireless keyboard for TV

We are not quite sure if this is a “must-have” or “should-have because it’s cool”. We are talking about a mini wireless keyboard that will make your browsing and gaming experience much better. And it is also one of the coolest TV accessories out there. These devices usually go with TV boxes so if you will buy a TV box you might want this too.

LED Backlight

The best TV accessories that we have gone through so far are useful in terms of functionality but now let’s have a look at the fun stuff. These that will come are all cheap accessories and can make your TV more beautiful. A LED backlight is a LED strip that can be attached in the back of your TV, in order to illuminate whatever is in the back. A LED backlight will look best if you have your TV next to the wall or if you have another object in the back of your TV that can reflect the light. During the late hours a LED backlight can truly give life to your room.

Cable management sleeve

We all know how ugly the cables can make you room, especially if you have many devices around. But if you have a cable management sleeve you can put them back in order (and also make your mom happy:)). Cables management sleeves are cheap and can make your room look clear again.

Remote organizer

How many times did you walk around the house searching for the TV remote? Well, you will not lose the remote if you have a place where to put it. That is why a remote organizer may come in handy because you can place all the remotes for all the devices that you own and you always will know where they are. They are also beautiful accessories and can make your desk look clean and organized.

Screen cleaner

Last but not least is the screen cleaner that will keep the dust away from your TV. These are lotions specifically designed to clean your TV screen easily and in the best way possible. They are also cheap so we will say they are a must-have.

Best TV accessories conclusion

We hope you found our list of best TV accessories helpful and enjoyable. We would appreciate if you give your feedback here if you buy any of those and also if you have in mind some accessories that are not listed here you’re welcome to share your thought in the comment section. We have also made a list of best US Samsung TVs for 2017.


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