Best Samsung TVs 2017

Wondering what the best Samsung TVs 2017 are? Read our selection for best Samsung TVs 2017. There are a couple of criteria that define what the best TVs are, and those are the best TVs based on picture quality and the best TVs based on price. We will go through the both of them.

Best Samsung TVs 2017 Based on Picture Quality

1.Samsung Q9F
There is no doubt that when it comes to picture quality, the winner is definitely the Q9F. With very good blacks that are so important when watching movies and an astonishing brightness thanks to the Q | 4K HDR Elite+ with Infinite Array which makes the gaming experience very enjoyable this TV is the best Samsung TV 2017. However, this TV comes also with a high price that most people are unwilling to pay. So if you are not one of those people, this TV is the best of our best Samsung TVs 2017 list.

2.Samsung Q8C
With a picture quality almost as good as the Q9F this Samsung TV is the second best of our best Samsung TVs 2017 list. It also has nice blacks that will give you a very good gaming experience and it also has the 4K HDR Elite that offers the same astonishing brightness. It has a curved screen designed for maximum comfort although there are many people who doesn’t like curvy screens. The price is lower than the Q9F but still it may be too high for most people.

3.Samsung Q7F
Going down the line so goes down the picture quality and the price. However, we haven’t yet finished with the QLED TVs. The Samsung Q7F has nice blacks too but it doesn’t have the 4k HDR Elite anymore. Instead, it has the QHRD 1500 which is still very good. The blacks aren’t that good compared with the OLED TVs of course but can still offer you a very enjoyable movie watching experience. Also Samsung Q7F has a variety of different screen sizes to choose from 49-inch to 75 inch for those who want their own home cinema. With the variety of screen so comes the variety of prices so Samsung Q7F may be that compromise between a good picture quality and somehow a reasonable price. Samsung Q7F is the third best of best Samsung TVs 2017.

Best Samsung TVs 2017 (Premium UHD TVs)

Leaving behind the QLED TVs there are the premium UHD TVs that are also a good option. The best of premium UHD TV is the Samsung MU9000 which has the 4K HDR Extreme which provides vibrant and colorful images and comes in handy when playing video games. The blacks are good too thanks to the triple black extreme so the movie watching experience is still good. The second best Samsung premium UHD TV is the Samsung MU8000 which comes with a variety of different screen sizes and a very good picture quality too. The third is the Samsung MU7000 which is good too and this may be that compromise between the price and quality.

Best Samsung TVs 2017 Based on Price

This is a hard one because the price is a subjective matter, however we have selected the some TVs that we might think may be a reasonable choice. Samsung Q7F is the first selected and it is true that this isn’t a cheap TV. But if you can afford to spend a little more money you may want to go for this one because it still maintains a very good picture quality. It also comes with a variety of different screen sizes so you might want to sacrifice a large screen for a better picture quality. Our second selection is the MU7000 which is in the middle of best and usual 4K TVs and it comes with a good picture quality while still maintaining a reasonable price.

Our most viewed 4K TV for 2017 is the Samsung MU6300 that comes with a very good price and the usual 4K picture quality and is our third candidate for best Samsung TV 2017. It has the 4K HDR Pro and essential blacks pro, but the price is what makes this TV special. We hope that you found what you were looking for in our best Samsung TVs 2017.


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