Today we will go through the Samsung UE75KS8002 review. The Samsung UE75KS8002 review is structured in five sections. This is a 75” Super UHD, 4K, Smart TV.

Samsung UE75KS8002 Specifications

Diagonal Screen Size: 75″ (190 cm)
Quantum Dot Screen: Yes
Resolution: 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160)
SUHDI Re-mastering: Yes
PCI (video quality index): 2300
HDR (high dynamic range): HDR 1000
Ultra black: Yes
Micro Dimming (dimming): Supreme UHD Dimming
Precision Black (dimming): Precision Black
Motion Rate: Supreme MR 200
Quantum Dot color: Yes
10 bit Support: Yes
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega Contrast
Automatic depth amplifier: Yes
Ultra Clean View: Yes
Digital Clean View: Yes
Auto Motion Plus: Yes
Film Mode: Yes
Peak Illuminator: Peak Illuminator Pro
Samsung SMART TV: Yes
Web Browser: Yes
Gadgets: Yes
Games: Yes
Cloud Game: Yes
Voice Recognition: Yes
From TV to mobile – Mirroring: Yes
In the mobile TV – reflection, DLNA: Yes
Samsung SMART View: Yes
Bluetooth Low Energy: Yes
Wireless Direct: Yes
HbbTV 1.5 (FR, ES, EE) / HbbTV1.0 (CZ, SK, PT, DE, AT, SZ, PL, BE, NL, LU)
Digital Broadcasting: DVB-T2/C/S2X2
Analog tuner: Yes
2 receivers: Yes
USB: 3
Ethernet (LAN): 1
HDMI A / back-channel support: Yes
HDMI high-speed switching: Yes
Indoor Wireless LAN: Yes
Processor: Quad-core
One Connect (Jack): Yes
Connect Share ™ (HDD): Yes
Connect Share ™ (USB 2.0): Yes
A pop-up image: Yes
Extended PVR: Yes
Game Mode: Yes
Picture in Picture: Yes
Time Shift: Yes
NMR Support: Yes
Eco Sensor: Yes
Energy efficiency class: A
Sound Dolby Digital Plus: Yes
DTS codec: Yes
Audio out (RMS): 60 W
Speaker Type: 4.1 channel (Down Firing + Front Firing)
Subwoofer: Yes
Wall mount Sound Mode: Yes
Multi-room connection: Yes
TV Sound Connect: Yes

Picture Quality

Samsung UE75KS8002 has an amazing picture quality thanks to the 4k resolution. The SUHDI re-mastering can improve low resolution content to better display it in the quantum dot scree, however, don’t expect miracles. The HDR 1000 is one of the latest HRD technology that Samsung has developed and it is very useful when watching colorful content because it can display bright and colorful images. Also this TV has precision black dimming which is good news for the movie lovers. The precision black dims the backlight of the screen where the colors are black and that is very important when watching content with dark scenes like movies.

Also the supreme motion rate provides images that run smoothly on the screen which is very important when watching content with fast movements, like sports or action movies. The colors look amazing thanks to the quantum dot color technology and the mega contrast ratio. The digital clean view feature reduces the flickering of the images and makes the TV eye-friendly. We will give 5/5 points for the Samsung UE75KS8002 review part of the features.


Samsung UE75KS8002 is a smart TV so you can connect it to the internet and browse online content. The connection can be established through the integrated wireless technology or through the Ethernet port. Also we have good news for the game lovers because this TV supports cloud gaming, so you don’t need to buy an external game console. Another important feature of this TV is the USB & BT HID support. This feature enables you to connect a keyboard and a mouse to the TV through a Bluetooth connection or through a USB port. The HID will make the gaming and browsing experience much better.

You can also share your smartphone’s screen with the TV through the mobile to TV mirroring or vice versa through the TV to mobile mirroring. The quad-core processor can easily process any type of game or app so you won’t experience any screen freezing. The extended PVR allows you to record the broadcasting channels so you won’t miss any serial or TV show anymore. We will give 4.5/5 points for the Samsung UE75KS8002 review part of the features.


Samsung UE75KS8002 has two built-in speakers with 30 W power each. The total output power of 60 W is more than enough. The sound is very loud and clear but that depends on the content quality. Also the subwoofer further improves the sound quality. That are few TVs that have such a powerful and clear sound. We will give 5/5 points for the Samsung UE75KS8002 review part of the sound.


This is one of our favorite part of the review because we think that the design is very important for a TV. Samsung UE75KS8002 has a very beautiful design. The curved screen is perfect, however, there are people who doesn’t like the curved screen. The frame is super thin which improves the looks of the TV significantly. Also the silver shiny color is very special and will combine with whatever color your room has. The stander looks good too, even that it is kind of big. We will give 5/5 points for the Samsung UE75KS8002 review part of the design.

Samsung UE75KS8002 Review Price Range

Our review price range was from ‎€5200 to ‎€5400 which is not bad for a 4k Super UHD TV. We will give 4.5/5 points for the Samsung UE75KS8002 review part of the price.


Samsung UE75KS8002 has a big screen size that can fit perfectly into your living room. The picture quality is amazing thanks to the quantum dot display, the 4k resolution and the HDR 1000 technology. This TV is perfect for movies and games. The most important features of this TV are the internet connectivity, the BT & USB HID, and the screen sharing technology. Also Samsung UE75KS8002 has cloud gaming which is good news for the game lovers. The sound is extremely loud and clear but that depends on the content quality. The design is amazing and so is the price. We hope that our Samsung UE75KS8002 review was helpful to you.

Should I buy Samsung UE75KS8002?

We only made the Samsung UE75KS8002 review because this is an amazing TV. However, we recommend to take a look at this other TV Samsung UE65KS7502.