In this post we will go through the Samsung UE40KU6172 review. The Samsung UE40KU6172 review (or just 40KU6172) will be based on five sections. This is a 40″ (inch) TV with 4k resolution and smart interaction.

Samsung UE40KU6172 Specifications

Model: UE40KU6172 or 40KU6172
Screen Size: 40 inch (101 cm)
Resolution: 4k Ultra HD (3,840 × 2,160)
HDR (High Dynamic Range): Yes
UHD Up-Scaling: Yes
Micro Dimming: Yes
UHD Dimming: Yes
Precision Black (local dimming): No
Ultra Clean View: Yes
Digital Clear Display: Yes
PQI (quality index): 1400
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: Mega Contrast
Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
Auto Motion Plus: Yes
Smart TV: Yes
Web browser: Yes
Applications: Yes
Wireless: Yes (Built in)
Direct connection Wi-Fi: Yes
Ethernet (LAN) Port: Yes
Cloud Game: Yes (FR, DE, ES, AT, CH)
Processor: Quad-core
Mobile to TV mirroring: Yes
TV to mobile mirroring, DLNA: Yes
Digital Receiver: DVB-T2/C/S2
CI (Common Interface):CI + (1.3)
HDMI Ports: 3 (ARC Support)
USB 2.0 Ports: 2
Connect Share ™ (HDD): Yes
Connect Share ™ (USB 2.0): Yes
Extended PVR: Yes
Support for USB HID: Yes
Ecological sensor: Yes
Energy efficiency class: A

Picture Quality

Samsung UE40KU6172 has 4k resolution which means that it can offer stunning picture quality. Also it has the UHD up-scaler that converts low resolution content into 4k resolution so you will be able to watch UHD content the whole time. The HDR panel brightens the screen and it can be very useful especially when watching colorful content, like those nature documentaries. Although it does not have local dimming which is very important when watching content with dark scenes, such as movies, at least has UHD and micro dimming. The PQI of 1400, the auto motion plus and the refresh rate of 120 Hz make the motions on the screen run smoothly which is very important for your eyes. Also the colors look vivid thanks to the mega contrast and the Pure color technology.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the Samsung UE40KU6172 review part of the picture quality.


Samsung UE40KU6172 is a smart TV which means that you can connect it to the internet and browse online content. The connection can be established through the wireless integrated module or through the Ethernet (LAN) port. You can access or download many applications that will make the interaction with the TV so much better. For the game lovers, this TV supports cloud gaming but only in some countries. The quad core processor can easily process any type of content, app or game. Another important feature of this TV is the Support for USB HID. This enables you to connect a keyboard and a mouse to the TV that will make the browsing and game playing experience so much better. You can easily share your smartphone’s screen or your tablet’s screen with the TV through the mobile to TV mirroring or vice versa through the TV to mobile mirroring. The DVB-T2/C/S2 can receive all types of signals so you don’t have to buy an external decoder. Also this TV has all the other essential ports, like three HDMI ports, two USB ports, optical output and others.
We will give 4.5/5 points the Samsung UE40KU6172 review part of the features.


Samsung UE40KU6172 has two Dolby Digital Plus built in speakers with 10 W power each. The total output power of 20 W is usually enough, unless you are standing too far from the TV. If this is the case you should consider buying external speakers that will turn your room into a home theater. If you do buy external speakers you can also take advantage of the multi room link technology. The sound is clear, but that depends on the quality of the content that you are watching.
We will give 4/5 points for the Samsung UE40KU6172 review part of the sound.


The curved screen makes the Samsung UE40KU6172 look very beautiful. However there are people that don’t like the curvy screens. The frame of this TV is thin which is very desirable these days. Also the frame has a nice black colors that will make the TV compatible with whatever color your room has. The stander looks nice and has a grey color that makes a great combination with the frame color. We will give 5/5 points for the Samsung UE40KU6172 review part of the design.

Samsung UE40KU6172 Price

Our review price was €599 which we consider an average price range.
We will give 4/5 points for the Samsung UE40KU6172 review part of the price.


Samsung UE40KU6172 has an average screen size that would fit in any room. The picture quality is very good thanks to the 4k resolution and so are the colors. The most important features are the smart interaction, USB HID interface and the screen sharing technology. Also the Samsung UE40KU6172 has all the essential ports. The sound is loud and clear most of the times but that depends on the content that you are watching. The design is very good and the TV does look expensive. The price is on the average range. And this TV has a class A label so it won’t consume too much energy.

Should I buy Samsung UE40KU6172?

We did our best to emphasize the pros and cons of this TV and the decision will always remain your to take. However before you make your final decision we also recommend to take a look at this other 40 inch TV Samsung UE40K6372 or to this Philips TV Philips 49PUS6501 which has an Android operating system.



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