In this post we will go through the Sony KD65XD7505 review. This TV has 4k resolution and android TV operating system. The Sony KD65XD7505 review (or kd65xd7505bu) will be based on five sections. You can buy Sony Bravia KD65XD7505 at Amazon by clicking here.

Sony KD65XD7505 Specifications

Brand: Sony
Model: KD65XD7505 (or KD65XD7505BU)
Screen Size: 65 inch ( 165 cm) Diagonal
Screen Type: LCD
Back Light Type: Direct LED
Dimming: Frame Dimming
Resolution: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
Color Enhancement: Live Color Technology
Advanced Contrast Enhancer: Yes
24P True Cinema: Yes
MotionFlow XR 800Hz
4K X-Reality Pro: Yes
HEVC Support: Yes (up to 3840 x 2160)
Cinemotion/Film Mode: Yes
Smart TV: Yes
Operating System: Android TV
Apps: Yes (Google Play Store)
Internal Memory: 16 GB
Browser: Yes (Opera)
HID (Mouse/Keyboard)
Voice Search: Yes
USB HDD Recording: Yes
USB Input 2.0 Ports: 3
Parental Control: Yes
Built In Wi-Fi: Yes
Wi-Fi Direct: Yes
Screen Mirroring: Yes (Miracast)
HDMI Inputs: 4 (3 Side / 1 Rear)
Scart Input: Yes
Ethernet Ports: 1
Energy Efficiency Class: A
Dynamic Back-light Control: Yes
Freeview: Yes
Digital Receiver : DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2
Speaker Output: 20 W

Picture Quality

Sony KD65XD7505 has 4k resolution which means that the picture quality is very good. The colors look vivid and bright thanks to the Live color technology which makes this TV perfect for playing games. Frame dimming technology dims the back-light of the screen thus providing deep black color. This is very important when watching content with dark scenes, like movies. The 24p true cinema and the motion flaw XR 800 Hz (native 100 Hz) will make the motions run smoothly. How the motions run on the screen, is very important for your eyes, because if there are interruptions your eyes will be tired quickly. Also the cinemotion tech helps with the movies motion thus making the movie watching experience so much better.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the Sony KD65XD7505 review part of the picture quality.

Sony KD65XD7505 Features

The strongest feature of the Sony KD65XD7505 is definitely the android operating system that you are probably familiar with. You can download many apps in the google play store that will make your TV so useful. The internal memory is 16GB which we think is enough to contain the apps. You can store your movies in a USB to keep the internal memory free for downloading apps. You can connect this TV to the internet and browse online content thorough the web browser (opera), or you can download another browser. The connection can be established through the integrated wireless module or through the Ethernet (LAN) port. What is also important is that Sony KD65XD7505 supports HID(Mouse/Keyboard). This means that you can connect a mouse and a keyboard to the TV and this will make the browsing experience so much better. Also this is important for game lovers. You can buy Sony Bravia KD65XD7505 at Amazon by clicking here.

Other Features

Sony KD65XD7505 enables you to record what you see from broadcasting channels into the USB. You can view the broadcasting channels that usually demands a payment, for FREE, thanks to the free view integrated module. But that depends on where you live. For example, if you live in the UK, you can watch BBC, CNN and other broadcasting channels for free. The digital receiver supports all types of signals so it eliminates the need for an external decoder. Another cool feature of the Sony KD65XD7505 is that it supports voice search and makes this TV like in those futuristic movies that the people can communicate with the TV. You can easily share your smartphone’s screen with the TV through the miracast, google cast, or wi-fi direct tech. This TV has an A energy efficiency class which is good but bot the best possible.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the Sony KD65XD7505 review part of the features.


Sony KD65XD7505 has two built-in speakers with 10 W power each. The total power of 20 W is usually enough, unless you are standing too far from the TV. If that is the case you should consider buying external speakers, that not only will provide you louder voice, will also make your room a true home cinema through the surround sound mode. The voice is also clear thanks to the clear phase speaker technology. We will give 4/5 points for the Sony KD65XD7505 review part of the sound.


The design is generally good. Considering that this is a big TV, the frame is thin which is very hard to accomplish for big TVs. The frame color is black which makes it compatible with whatever color your room has. Also the stander looks nice. It has a shiny silver color which makes a great combination with the color of the frame.
We will give 4/5 points for the Sony KD65XD7505 review part of the design.

Sony KD65XD7505 Review Price

Our review price was £1,199 which is a little bit high but not that high considering that this is a very big TV with 4k resolution. We will give 4.5/5 points for the Sony KD65XD7505 review part of the price.


Sony KD65XD7505 has a very big screen that will turn your room into a home cinema especially if you buy external speakers. The picture quality is amazing thanks to the 4k resolution. The strongest feature of this TV is the android operating system and the HID(Mouse/Keyboard) interface. The sound is loud and clear and the design is beautiful. Also the price is not that bad for such a big TV. Sony KD65XD7505 has earned 21.5/25 points in total, or an average of 4.3/5 stars. This is a good score!!!

Should I buy Sony KD65XD7505?

If you want a very big TV, this might be the one for you and You can buy Sony Bravia KD65XD7505 at Amazon by clicking here.If you don’t mind the size we also recommend taking a look at this other 4k, Android TV Sony KD49XD8099 which is smaller but a lot cheaper, or to this Samsung UE65KU6100 which has the same screen size but is also cheaper.



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