Today we will go through Sony KD49XD8099 review. There are different screen sizes of this model like Sony KD43XD8099. But we will only focus on the Sony KD49XD8099 review. The review will be based on five sections. You can buy Sony KD49XD8099 at Amazon by clicking here.

Sony KD49XD8099 Specificaions

Screen Size: 49 inch (124 cm)
Screen Type: LED
Resolution : 4K Ultra HD (38
3D Support: No
HDR (High Dynamic Range): Yes
Advanced Contrast Enhancer: Yes
Triluminos Display: Yes
24P True Cinema: Yes
Advanced Contrast Enhancer: Yes
Motion Flow: Motionflow XR 400Hz
4K X-Reality Pro: Yes
Cinemotion/Film Mode: Yes
Auto Wide Mode: Yes
Smart TV: Yes
Android TV: Yes
Internet Browser: Yes
Apps: Yes
Bravia Sync: Yes
Parental Control: Yes
USB Play: Yes
USB HDD Recording: Yes
Built In Wi-Fi: Yes
Wi-Fi Direct: Yes
Ethernet Input: 1 (Side)
Free view: Yes
Screen Mirroring: Yes
HDMI Inputs: 4 (3 Side / 1 Rear)
Scart Input: 1 (Rear)
USB Input: 3 (Side)
Sound Output: 20 W
Clear Phase Speaker: Yes
S-Force Front Surround 3D: Yes
Dolby Digital: Yes
Energy Efficency Class: A


Sony KD49XD8099 has a 4k resolution (four times greater than Full hd) and offers stunning picture quality. The colors are very beautiful thanks to the advanced color enhancer and the triluminous display technology. The true luminous display produces colors that so much resembles the reality. Sony KD49XD8099 has a motion flaw of 400 Hz which means that the motions run smoothly with no interruption whatsoever. Also the cinemotion helps the motions which is perfect for watching movies. The 4k x-reality pro is a new technology that produces sharp images that have an astounding clearness.
We will give 4/5 points for the Sony KD49XD8099 review part of the display.


The strongest feature that Sony KD49XD8099 has, is obviously the android operating system that you are probably familiar with. You can access and download thousands of different apps in google play store which will make the TV so much more useful. You can also surf the web and watch online content. The connection can be established through the wireless integrated module or through the Ethernet (LAN) port. Also, Sony KD49XD8099 has a parental control option that will make the TV safe for family use. You can record what you see from the broadcasting channels if you plug a USB so you can watch the content later after work.

Other Features

Sony KD49XD8099 has free view tuner and that means that you can watch broadcasting channels that usually demand a payment, for free. But that depends on where you live. For example, if you live in the UK you can see BBC, CNN and other broadcasting channels for free. Sony KD49XD8099 has 4 HDMI ports, so you can connect four different devices in the same time. Also it has three USB 2.0 ports which we think are enough. Also you can easily share your smartphone’s screen with the TV through the screen mirroring technology, or through a HDMI port, if your smartphone has an HDMI output port. Or you can connect smart devices directly with the TV through the Wi-Fi direct tech.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the Sony KD49XD8099 review part of the features. You can buy Sony KD49XD8099 at Amazon by clicking here.


Sony KD49XD8099 has two built in speakers with 10 W power each. The total output power is 20 W which we think is enough, unless you are standing too far from the TV. The sound is clear thanks to the Clear Phase Speaker technology. The surrounding mode is very good even if you don’t buy external speakers. The credits for that goes to the S-Force front surround technology which is unique of Sony’s.
We will give 4/5 points for the Sony KD49XD8099 review part of the sound.


Sony’s KD49XD8099 design is very nice. It has an incredible thin frame which we rarely see for such big screens. The frame color is black which means that it will adapt to whatever color you room has. The stander has a grey shinny color which is a good combination with the black color of the frame. Also it has a good shape too. The stander always plays a significant role in the TV looks.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the Sony KD49XD8099 review part of the design.

Sony KD49XD8099 Price

Our review price range was from £600 to £700 which is good for such a big TV with 4k resolution, android TV. We will give 4.5/5 points for the Sony KD49XD8099 review part of the price.


Sony KD49XD8099 is a great TV. The strongest parts of this TV are the 4k resolution and the android operating system. It also has some other nice features. The design is beautiful and the price is very good also. Sony KD49XD8099 has earned 21.5/25 points in total or an average of 4.3/5 points, which is very good. Rarely do TVs earn so much points in our reviews.

Should I buy Sony KD49XD8099?

This TV does worth your money because it is big and offers a very good picture quality and You can buy Sony KD49XD8099 at Amazon by clicking here.We barely found a competitor for it. This is one other TV that we recommend taking a look at Philips 49PUS6501.



  1. I have purchased one of these TV but find it difficult to use all its features properly due to a lack of information


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