Today we will go through the Philips 49PUS6501 review. This is a 2016 model with a 4k resolution. The Philips 49PUS6501 review will be based on five sections. You can buy Philips 49PUS6501 at Amazon by clicking here.


Screen Size : 49 inch (123 cm) Diagonal
Screen Type : LED
Resolution : 4K (3840×2160)
Micro Dimming Pro : Yes
Pixel Precise Ultra HD: Yes
Natural Motion : Yes
Picture Enhancement : Yes
Picture Precise UHD: Yes
Smart TV: Yes
Operating System: Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
Firmware upgradeable: Yes (Online & USB)
TV on Demand: Yes
Social TV: Yes
CPU: Quad Core
Cloud Gaming: Yes
Ambilight version: 2 Sided
Light sensor: Yes
Google Play Movies & Music: Yes
Memory Size: 16 GB (expendable)
Simply Share: Yes
Interactive TV : Yes
USB Recording: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes (Built in)
Ethernet Port: Yes
HDMI Ports: 4
USB 2.0 Ports: 3
Common Interface (CI+) : Yes
Scart Input: Yes
Digital Receiver: DVB-T/T2/T2-HD/C/S/S2
Energy Label Class: B


Philips 49PUS6501 has a 49 inch screen with 4k resolution. That means that the picture quality is amazing. Micro dimming pro adapts the colors based on the light that your room has. The pixel precise technology makes the black parts of the screen look pitch black and that is very important for watching movies. Also it makes the white spaces look even whiter. These two are very desirable these days. The 1800 PPI frequency makes the motions run smoothly, hence the natural motion feature. The colors are good and vivid thanks to all above mentioned features. The ambilight is a feature that emits light form the two sides of the TV and reflects it to your wall.
This will make your room look very beautiful.
We will give 4/5 points for the Philips 49PUS6501 review part of the screen.


Philips 49PUS6501 is a smart TV and that means that you can connect it to the internet and browse online content. The connection can be made through the wireless integrated module or through the Ethernet port. But the most important feature that this TV has is definitely the Android 5.1 operating system. This operating system that you probably are familiar with enables you to access so many apps. It is upgradable so you can check into your update center inside the TV to upgrade it to the latest version if it is already released from the Philips company. Downloading games or other entertainment apps is a feature that not every TV has. The internal memory is 16 GB so you have plenty of space to download your favorite apps. It is also expendable if you want to have the movies that you plan to watch in the internal memory. The Quad Core processor can easily process any game or app that you install.

Other Features

Philips 49PUS6501 offers the on demand TV feature and that enables you to choose the content you want to watch. You can choose your content in Google Play Movies & Sound vast collection. It also enables you to record what you see directly into you USB thanks to the USB recording technology. You can share your smartphone screen with the TV thanks to the Simply share technology, or through a HDMI port, if your smartphone has a HDMI output port. It has four HDMI ports so you can connect four different devices in the same time. Also it has three USB ports which we think is enough. The digital receiver supports any signal including satellite signals so you can reach any broadcasting channel. You need to buy a CI (Common Interface) module though. However, to support all these features and the ambilight, Philips 49PUS6501 needs power, so that is why it has the B energy efficiency class.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the Philips 49PUS6501 review part of the features. You can buy Philips 49PUS6501 at Amazon by clicking here.


The Philips 49PUS6501 has two built in speakers and each of them has a 10W power. The sound is loud enough if you are standing just a few meters from the TV. Philips 49PUS6501 has a clear sound thanks to the Sound Enhancement and Clear Sound technology. Also the Smart Sound feature adapts the sound depending on what you are doing with the TV or what content you are watching.
We will give 3.5/5 points for the Philips 49PUS6501 review part of the sound.


The design is really nice. It has a thin frame with a nice grey color. Also the ambilight feature makes the TV look very beautiful and you can tell that it is expensive when you look at it. And the standers look good also.
We will give 4/5 points for the Philips 49PUS6501 review part of the design.


Our review price was £836 which we think is very good for a 49 inch screen with a 4k resolution.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the Philips 49PUS6501 review part of the price.


The Philips 49PUS6501 review has been a very enjoyable experience to us because it is a very beautiful TV with many features. This TV will make you room bright and beautiful. The picture quality is very good and clear.Also the Android operating system will make the interaction with your TV very comfort.
Philips 49PUS6501 has earned 20.5/25 points in total which is very good. Rarely do TVs earn so much points in our reviews.

Should I buy Philips 49PUS6501?

Philips 49PUS6501 is definitely a good TV and the price is good also and You can buy Philips 49PUS6501 at Amazon by clicking here.But we also recommend to take a look at this 3D, 4K, Smart TV
LG 49UB830V or to this other 4k, smart TV LG 49UH603V which is cheaper.



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