Philips 40PFT4201 (OR just PFT 4201) is a Full HD, LED Tv. In this post we will go through the Philips 40PFT4201 review. Our review is based on five sections.


Resolution:Full Hd (1920×1080)
Screen panel: LED
Contrast: Digital Crystal Clear
3D Technology:NO
Smart TV:NO
Web Browser:NO
Format: 16:9
Size: 40 inch (102 cm)
Receiver: DVB T2/C
Bluetooth: NO
USB 2.0: Yes
USB 3.0: YES
Card Reader: YES
Ethernet: YES
Common Interface: YES
Scart: YES


The Full HD screen offers a good picture quality. This TV has no micro dimming which means that the black parts of the screen are missing depth. The colors are good although they could be better. The digital crystal clear enhances the picture quality and colors. The frequency is 200Hz which is not that bad but still this TV has some minor motion flaws.
We will give the Philips 40PFT4201, 3/5 points for the display.


When it comes to the features this TV has not much to offer. It is not smart which means that you cannot browse the web with it. Although it has an Ethernet port you cannot do much with it.
It has no integrated wireless receiver which is bad because you can’t share your smartphone’s screen with the TV. However you can connect your smartphone to this TV,if your smartphone has a HDMI output port.
This can easily be done through the HDMI easy link feature.

The DVB T2/C receiver eliminates the need for an external decoder if you plug in a common interface module. And that is all there is to the features. This TV has nothing special to offer when it comes to
the features.
So we will give 1/5 points for the features.


Philips 40PFT4201 has two speakers with 10W power each. The voice is clear even if you are standing far from the TV.
So we will give 3/5 points for the sound.


The design is simple and classic with a thin surrounding frame.
The frame color is black which means that it is compatible with whatever color your room has.
So we will give 3.5/5 points for the design.


Our review price was $350. We think that this price is a little high
because it offers almost no features at all.
We will give 3/5 points for the price.


The Philips 40PFT4201 scored 13.5/25 points in total.

Should I buy Philips 40PFT4201?

Before you decide we recommend taking a look at this Panasonic Smart TV Panasonic TX-40C320E or to this Philips Smart Tv.
But if you planned to buy a cheap TV than take a look at Vizio D43-C1 TV.


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