LG 49UB830V (or just lg ub830v) is a 3D TV, with 4k resolution. In this post we will go through the LG 49UB830V review. The LG 49UB830V review will be based on five sections. You can buy LG 49UB830V at Amazon by clicking here.


Screen size: 49 inch (124 cm) Diagonal
Screen Type: LED
Resolution : 3840 x 2160 (4K)
Local Dimming: Yes
Resolution Upscaler: Yes (4K)
Dynamic Color Enhancer: Yes
Motion eye care: Yes
3D Support: Yes
3D Picture Mode: Yes
Image 3D Correction: Yes
2D to 3D Conversion: Yes
3D to 2D Conversion: Yes
Tru ULTRA HD Engine: Yes
Triple XD Engine: Yes
Real Cinema 24p : Yes
Smart TV: Yes
Magic Remote included: Yes
Smart Home: Yes
Smart Living Sensor: Yes
External Device App Download: Yes
Multi-Tasking HDD: Yes
Watch & Record: Yes (External Hard Drive)
HEVC Codec: 4K 30P (USB and Internet Streaming Only)
Wi-Fi: Yes (Built in)
Ethernet port: Yes (1)
WiFi Direct: Yes
Simplink: Yes
Miracast: Yes
2nd Display: Yes
Google Dial: Yes
LG Cloud: Yes (S/W update)
Network File Browser: Yes
USB 2.0 Ports: 3
HDMI (4K) Ports: 3
Full Scart: 1
Composite In: Yes
Component in: Yes

Picture Quality

LG 49UB830V has a 4k resolution and that means that the picture quality is very good. The colors are very good thanks to the dynamic color enhancer. LG 49UB830V has a frequency of 900 Hz which means that the motions run smoothly and are also eye friendly thanks to the Motion eye care technology. Also LG 49UB830V has local dimming
technology which makes the dark parts of the screen look pitch black. The pitch black looking parts of the screen are very important when watching content with dark scenes, like movies. The resolution upscaler converts contents with low resolution into a 4k resolution so you can watch any content with 4k resolution.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the LG 49UB830V review part of the picture quality.


The coolest feature of the LG 49UB830V is obviously the 3D technology. The 3D glasses are light, without batteries and very affordable if you plan to buy an extra pair if there are more than two people watching at the same time in your family. But the most important part of the 3D technology of this TV, is that supports 2D to 3D conversion. So you can watch 3D content the whole time if you want. The Real cinema 24p tech makes the movie watching experience
very enjoyable. Also the true ultra hd engine and the triple xd engine makes the videos (movies) run very smoothly with no interruptions whatsoever.

Other Features

LG 49UB830V is a smart TV which means that you can connect it to the internet and browse online content. The connection can be made by the wireless integrated technology or through the Ethernet port.
Also the browsing experience is very good thanks to the magic remote that is included. You can easily share your smartphone’s or tablet’s screen with the TV through the Miracast or Wi-Fi direct. Also you can share it through the HDMI port, if your smartphone has a HDMI output port. The simplink allows you to manage the devices connected to the TV with the magic remote. We will give 4.5/5 points for the LG 49UB830V review part of the features. You can buy LG 49UB830V at Amazon by clicking here.


LG 49UB830V has two built in speakers with Dolby digital decoder and each of the has a 10W power.The sound is loud enough and very clear thanks to the Clear voice 2 technology. Also it has the 3D sound zooming which makes the movie experience very enjoyable. The smart sound mode adapts the sound depending on what content you are watching.
We will give 4/5 points for the LG 49UB830V review part of the sound.


LG 49UB830V design is very nice. It has a very, very thin frame which is very desirable these days. The color of the frame is shinny grey and very beautiful. Also the standers does not look that bad either.
We will give 4.5/5 points for the LG 49UB830V review part of the design.


Our review price was ‎£1,000 which is not bad for a 4k TV with a 49 inch screen, however this price is no longer available. We will give 4/5 points for the LG 49UB830V review part of the price.


This TV is a great TV. It supports 3D technology which is very cool.
Also it is a smart TV that enables you to do so much more with a big TV like this. LG 49UB830V will turn your room into a real home theater. The LG 49UB830V TV earned 21.5/25 points in total which is very good. Rarely do TVs earn so much points in our reviews.

Should I buy LG 49UB830V?

This was one of the best TV that we have reviewed and You can buy LG 49UB830V at Amazon by clicking here.This TV does worth your money. We also recommend taking a look at this Samsung UN55KU6290 which is bigger and cheaper but does not support 3d technology.


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