LG 42LB620V (or just LB620V) is a 3D, Full HD, TV. In this post we will go through the LG 42LB620V review. The review is always based on five sections.


Frame Color: Metallic
Screen Size: 42 inch (106.5 cm)
Screen Type: LED
Resolution : Full HD (1920 x 1080) (1080p)
3D Technology: YES
3D glasses included : 2
Smart TV: NO
WiFi: NO
Internet: NO
Frequency (Hz): 100Hz
HDMI Pots: 2 ( 1 side + 1 back)
Scart PORT: 1
USB 2.0 PORT: 1
Digital TV Receiver: DVB-T2 / DVB-C / DVB-S2
Handheld remote control:Yes
Parental control: Yes
Energy efficiency: A+
Number of speakers: 2 (10W each)
3D to 2D Conversion: Yes
2D to 3D Conversion : Yes
Sound Optimizer: (normal, wall mount)

Image quality

LG 42LB620V offers a very good picture quality. The Full HD resolution offers clear looking images with very beautiful colors. The colors offer a very good representation of the reality which is good for the eyes. This feature is accomplished by the Direct Led technology which manipulates every single pixel according to that specific color. With the 3D technology we are used to expect our eyes to be tired quickly because of the flickering, but not with this TV. Although this TV does not have micro dimming technology, the black parts of the screen look good. The 100 HZ frequency makes the motions run smoothly with no interruptions whatsoever.
We will give 3.5/5 points, for the LG 42LB620V review part of the image quality.


The most important feature of the LG 42LB620V is obviously the 3D technology. Watching 3D content is a very enjoyable experience with this TV because the screen size is good and the glasses are not too heavy. Also the glasses are very beautiful and look very cool, not like those conventional black ugly glasses that we are used to see. LG 42LB620V has the ability to convert 2D content to 3D so you can watch anything in 3D. Also this TV has the ability to convert 3D content to 2D in case you are bored watching 3D content or you have too many people watching that doesn’t have glasses on.

The LG 42LB620V is not a Smart TV and that means that other features are not enabled. You can’t connect it to the internet because it doesn’t have a wireless integrated module or a Ethernet port. But don’t be too upset for that because you can download web content in your USB and than watch it on your TV through the USB 2.0 port. Or you can connect it directly to your smartphone, if your smartphone has a HDMI output. The digital receiver (DVB-T2, DVB-C) eliminates the need for an external decoder. Also the DVB-S2 can receive satellite signals which enables you to access so many more channels on this TV.
We will give 3.5/5 points, for the LG 42LB620V review part of the features.


The LG 42LB620V has two built in speakers and each of them has a 10 W power. This is enough if you are sitting just a few meters from the TV. These speakers support virtual sound technology which makes the movie watching experience very enjoyable especially in 3D mode. LG 42LB620V has six different sound modes so you can adjust the sound depending on what you are doing. So for example if you are watching a movie you can set the sound mo to cinema, or if you are playing a game you can set the sound mode to games and so on.
We will give 4/5 points, for the LG 42LB620V review part of the sound.


The color frame has a nice metallic color and the screen does look pinch black when the TV is off and the combination looks very good. It does not look like some cheap TV when you look at it. Also the frame is thin which is a very desirable feature these days. We are not much of a fan of the standers though.
We will give 4/5 points for the LG 42LB620V review par of the design.


Our review price was $470 which is not bad considering the 42 inch screen and the 3D technology.
So we will give 3.5/5 points, for the LG 42LB620V review part of the price.


LG 42LB620V is a good TV with not so many features, but with a good screen.
This TV earned 18.5/25 points in total.

Should I buy LG 42LB620V?

If you want the 3D technology badly than you might want to stick with this TV. But with just a few extra dollars you can have this TV
LG 43UF6407 which has a bigger screen with 4k resolution and it is also a smart TV.



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