Panasonic TX-40C320E

Panasonic TX-40C320E (or tx40c320e) is a 40 inch, Full HD, Smart TV, 2015 model. This TV is relatively cheap with few features.
In this post we will go through the Panasonic TX-40C320E review.
The review is based on five sections.


The screen has 1920×1080 pixels. Panasonic TX-40C320E TV has a nice picture quality with some minor motion flaws which are really hard to detect. Colors are good although it has no local dimming or micro dimming and the black parts are missing depth. The gaming picture mode makes the TV screen vivid and is useful for game players.
It also has the cinema mode which allows a more enjoyable experience when watching movies. But what is really useful is the natural picture mode which has really nice colors that are eye friendly.

The refresh rate is 200Hz thus allowing images to flow smoothly although it could be better. This TV lets you adjust colors into a great extent so you may adjust it to your needs.
We will give the Panasonic TX-40C320E 3/5 points for the display.


Panasonic TX-40C320E TV is smart, which means that you can connect it to the internet and browse online content. Internet connection can be made by the integrated wireless or by the LAN cable. The browsing experience is not that good because this TV does not have a magic remote. And that means that the pointing is very slow and is often irritating if you plan to stay on the internet for a while. Netflix button is integrated on the remote which means that is one click away.

It has a common interface module which eliminates the need for a external decoder. The ports include two HDMI ports, one VGA connections which means that you can connect it to your computer.
And a USB port which lets you view content like videos, photos and sounds. It also has a SCART connection. However the TV does not have internal memory. So if you want to register program shows or movies you need to insert an external memory.Also the movie apps on the market require payments.
We will give the PanasoniC TX-40C320E, 3.5/5 points for its features.


The sound is good although it could be better. It has two integrated speakers that offers enough loud sound. Most of the times the sound is clear although sometimes is not.It has the surround mode which is useful sometimes when watching movies but this will be more useful
if you connect outside speakers to it.
We will give 3/5 points for the sound.


Panasonix TX-40C320E TV is pinch black which means that it is compatible with whatever color your room is. The frame is thin and looks nice. It does not look like an expensive TV when you look at it.
We will give 3.5/5 points for the design.


The review price is $350 which is good for a smart TV.
We will give Panasonic TX-40C320E 4/5 points for its price.


In total the Panasonic TX-40C320E earns 17/25 points in total.

Should I buy Panasonic TX-40C320E?

If you have a limited budget this may be a nice catch.
But if you can afford to spend a little bit more there are other products that you may find more attractive.
We also recommend to take a look at this new TV Samsung UE65KU6100.

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